Sunday, October 28, 2007

大闸蟹 @ 蟹皇海鲜楼 ~ Restoran King Crab : Hairy Crab (3)

大闸蟹的季节 ~ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
报章上的广告说从 RM38起
The Hairy Crab season ~ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and the most convenient place for us to savour this will be at King Crab
According to the advertisement in the newspaper they are from RM38 onward but we were being told that these are no longer available as they are smaller in size and nothing much to eat
btw eating a hairy crab mainly is to eat the roe and usually this type of crabs are with very little meat ~

根据雌雄和体形的大小来分组 ~
from our table...
all of them are being displayed in the showcase
grouped by sex and sizes ~

优待价雄的要 RM88 而雌的就要 RM58
当然还有更大只的可是价钱就不一样咯 ~
See the difference ?
the one on the left is male while the other two are female
according to the captain the male has got softer roe while the female has the more solid roe
so we decided to had the female hairy crab instead ~
they are being charged according to their weight so the male hairy crab is heavier at RM88 while the female hairy crab is RM58 after discount
of cos there are larger ones ~

萝卜汁和沙梨汁 (RM3.80 一杯):
Carrot juice and Amra juice (RM3.80 each):

Now they are ready to be eaten... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

这姜茶蛮好喝的一点也不辣 ~
the warm ginger tea is being served together with the hairy crabs:
to drink after eating the crab
i find this very flavoursome yet not to spicy ~

而大闸蟹还是热的... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
there was a waiter who came to our table to cut out the hairy crabs for us:
this was done very quickly while the crab still hot...

蟹粉/蟹黄...很好吃哦 ~
鲜甜美味一级棒! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
look at the crab roe ! soooooo delicious ~ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
best of the best...
apart from that nothing much left in the body for eating

Surprisingly we find the legs more meaty:
this is being done by the waiter too
i can never do it so beautifully...

the claws with the tag:

豉油皇鲜虾 (RM25):
Baked Prawns with Superior Soy Sauce (RM25):
i was kinda disappointed with this prawns
they are too salty...

清炒菜胆 (RM12):
Stir-fried Brussel Sprouts (RM12):

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♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

haha u online now? i am having seriously flu here... so cham cannot go out..

lucky still can reading your blog if not then sure will die because of bored!

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

i never tried 大闸蟹 before! really that nice? seem a bit expensive hor. :)

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

oh ya!! i already finish my homework already! but.... not fully completed!

Anonymous said...

I haven't tried on hairy crab before. Seldom see it in Penang. Very expensive wor...

Bento Pet said...

The best thing about King crab is that they 'skin' the crab for you! Hahaha! My daughter said - best in the world lah ma, no need to have smelly hands.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah..u r fast..i just heard about the promo not long ago onli..

Sugar Bean said...

Hmm... Haven ate hairy crab before. But seems like something that will taste good!

ling239 said...

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥:
hahahahhh... having flu cant go out therefore completed the homework, not bad right ? :p hope u feel better now ~ tks for supporting my blog ^_^

i love the hairy crabs ! but then again never try never know, maybe u will love them too ~

it's time to start looking around... season only lasts for abt two months ~ ^_^

Bento Pet:
why din they provide plastic gloves like those fried chicken shop in Hong Kong...
maybe the idea is not environmentally friendly ~

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
actually the hairy crab season just started... ^_^

wenching & esiong:
provided u like crab roe ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

Woah, the crab stuff with fillings looks so delicious.

New Kid on the Blog said...

ai yo..... this is really good man!!!! :( i hv never try this before...

ling239 said...

those are not stuffing... those are the crab's roe, very delicious ~ ^_^

New Kid on the Blog:
what are u waiting for ? go try !
i am sure you can find them in Penang ~ ^_^

Jackson said...


ling239 said...


Unknown said...

Dear Ms Ling239, sorry to read that while you patronised our restaurant on 28-10-2007, you are being told that the RM38 hairy crab are no longer available as they are smaller in size and nothing much to eat and the restaurant stopped to import this grade.
btw eating a hairy crab mainly is to eat the roe and usually this type of crabs are with very little meat ~
After our internal investigation, we have import coming in on the 26 Oct 2007 and ample of supply of RM38 (4 type, Yang Cheng Lake male 150g, Yang Cheng Lake Female 100g, Tai Lake MAle 150g, Tai Lake Female 100g), none of the staff admit that they give this wrong information to customer as there are many stock supply on that day and we have never run out of stock as we import by thousand crab each round. so we have to belanja you for the RM38 hairy crab by inviting you to our restaurant again. actually the meat of hairy crab is sweet and have nice fragrant, male have more meat and bigger size while female have more roe and less meat, body also have meat, we selling the size from 100g to 250g, so bigger size have more meat.

ling239 said...

Hi Frankie:
tks for the clarifications, however that was my personal experience during the visit ~ ^_^

Unknown said...

my email address is, please do email me to establish contact, i can't find your email address is your blog.