Thursday, May 28, 2009

Indulge... @ Tropicana City Mall

又一家在 Tropicana City Mall 新开张的餐厅
位于二楼 大人餐厅 隔壁
Another new restaurant @ Tropicana City Mall
Located on First Floor
next to Esquire Kitchen

Very comfy and bright interior:
love that yellow hue... Photobucket


一份主菜和一杯冻柠檬茶@ RM12.90+
But we are more interested in the lunch set menu:
at RM12.90+ the main is served with iced lemon tea

Iced lemon tea:
with and without ice...

Roast Whole Chicken Thigh:
with mash potato in demi glaze and Asian vegetables

one whole chicken thigh:
very meaty but tasted very bland
must eat with the gravy...

蔬菜/the veggie...

用的是「天使之发」 也就是極細的意大利面条
配上小虾, 小鯷魚碎, 嫩菠菜, 半干的小蕃茄和水煮蛋
这里用的小虾其实是虾米 也就是晒干了的小虾
意粉煮得刚刚好 面条都吸收了虾米的味道
Angeline Pasta:
Angel hair pasta tossed with shrimp, anchovies, baby spinach, semi dried cherry tomatoes and poached egg
served with lots and lots of Parmesan cheese
shrimp used here is actually dried prawn Photobucket
the angel hair is cooked pretty well wtih the taste of dried shrimps
but we find the taste too salty

不喜欢水煮蛋的我 要求改成炒蛋
我觉得这样比较好吃! Photobucket
for those who do not take runny egg like me
with request, it can be changed to scrambled egg, very kind of them...
i find it tastes better this way

名片/Name card:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

苏记餐室 ~ Restoran Soo Kee

位于八打灵再也, 东南亚花园巴刹斜对面
和 Guardian, Carings 还有 Ayamas 等等同一排店铺
同排的店铺还有驰名的 和丰鸡饭
Located diagonally opposite Seapark wet market
on the same row of shops as Guardian, Carings and Ayamas
along the same row of shop there is also the popular Woh Fung Deep Fried Chicken Rice shop

鸡肉虾云吞河粉 (RM7.50):
可是用料新鲜而且味道一流 好好吃哦!Photobucket
Chicken and Prawn Wanton Hor Fun (RM7.50):
price is slightly higher than those served at average restaurant
but quality and taste wise they never fail to impress
this is very delicious!

云吞皮很薄 馅都是完整的鲜虾
汤也很鲜甜 ~
the hor fun is super soft and smooth
while the wanton skin is so thin and transparent with fresh whole prawn as filling
the soup is sweet and flavoursome too ~ Photobucket

只是这一趟我们都没叫来吃 ~
The chicken is very smooth and yummy too but this trip non of us order it
so no picture is taken ~

Restaurant Soo Kee
33 Jalan 21/17
Sea Park
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 7876 7736

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sumptuous Corner @ Tropicana City Mall

在 Tropicana City Mall, Sumptuous Corner 吃的午餐
Lunch @ Sumptuous Corner, Tropicana City Mall

亚叁叻沙 (RM5.50):
Assam Laksa (RM5.50):
tasted quite mild and not spicy at all
we also find that the soup is not hot enough...

红豆糖水 (RM2.50):
味道也不会太甜 ~ Photobucket
Red Bean Tong Shui (RM2.50):
very thick with lots of red bean just the way i like it
and it is not too sweet ~

鸡肉粽 (RM4.80):
Chicken Bah Chang (RM4.80):
bah chang a.k.a. rice dumpling
a very pale looking one similiar to those Cantonese chang

其它料有: 栗子, 咸蛋, 蘑菇和眉豆
instead of a piece of three layer pork, chicken meat is used in this
other ingredients include chestnuts, salted egg, mushroom and black-eyed-pea
taste not too bad but i still prefer the pork version...Photobucket

Sumptuous Corner
Lot LG 42 LG Floor
Tropicana City Mall
3 Jalan SS20/27
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 6012 691 8602

其它粽子/Other rice dumplings:

红豆馅的碱水粽 ~ Alkaline Dumpling with red bean paste @ Jusco, Bandar Utama
端午节 @ 大人餐厅 ~ Dumpling Festival @ Restoran Esquire Kitchen

Thursday, May 21, 2009

红豆馅的碱水粽 ~ Alkaline Dumpling with red bean paste @ Jusco, Bandar Utama

下个星期四就是端午节了 ~ Photobucket
终于找到我喜欢的红豆馅碱水粽咯 !
在万达镇的 Jusco 超级市场对面 卖冷冻猪肉烟肉和火腿那儿
Dumpling Festival falls on next Thursday ~
i finally found the alkaline dumpling with red bean paste!
bought this from Jusco Bandar Utama opposite the supermarket at the non-halal section
many types of dumplings are available there too...

碱水粽是 RM1.20/个
而这个有红豆馅的碱水粽就 RM1.50/个:
The alkaline dumpling without filling is selling at RM1.20/pc
while these with red bean paste filling is RM1.50/pc

QQ 的口感...
the chewy and slightly sticky dumpling:

馅料有着浓郁的红豆香味 吃起来不会很甜
with generous red bean paste filling:
the fragrant red bean paste tasted very good and is not too sweet Photobucket

Monday, May 18, 2009

碧华楼酒家 ~ Restoran Pik Wah

晚餐 @ 碧华楼酒家
还记得很多很多年以前这酒家是在八打灵十四区的 Jaya Supermarket 大楼里
Dinner @ Pik Wah
a restaurant very well hidden at the basement level of MABA House below the basketball stadium
many many years ago they were operating at the same building as Jaya Supermarket in section 14 Petaling Jaya

白米饭 (RM1.20/碗):
Rice (RM1.20/bowl):

炒奶白 (RM15):
Stir-fried veggie (RM15):
with garlic and dried shrimps
very sweet and refreshing

咕咾肉 (RM18):
切成小块的猪肉很入味 不会炸得太硬
Sweet and Sour Pork (RM18):
the pork pieces are very tender and tasty

招牌豆腐 (RM14):
Bean Curd (RM14):
served with lots of veggie...

the soft and smooth homemade beancurd with prawn and mushroom stuffing:
my favourite!!

酱蒸非洲鱼 (RM30):
Steamed Tilapia Fish with bean paste (RM30):

味道很不一样 香多了...好好吃!!
the crispy deep fried pork lard:
it enhances the taste of this dish... yummy!! Photobucket

Restoran Pik Wah (MABA House) Sdn Bhd
MABA House Basement Level Stadium Block
6 Jalan Hang Jebat
50100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 2072 3668/2078 3668

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

新旺香港茶餐厅 ~ Restoran Sun Wong @ Jaya One (4)

Jaya One 新旺的烧鸭饭 ~
Roast Duck Rice @ Sun Wong, Jaya One ~

烧鸭饭 (>RM13):
除了有青菜的烧鸭饭 这套餐还包括一份老火汤和一个配酸菜的迷你猪扒汉堡包
当天老火汤是老黄瓜汤 很够火候 很好味
虽然汤看起来有很多'杂物' 把它们捞起放一边就没问题了
i notice something new in the menu and cant wait to try...
Roast Duck Rice Set (>RM13):
other than the roast duck with veggie on rice this set meal also includes double boiled soup of the day and a mini pork burger with pickles
the old cucumber soup is flavoursome!!
it might looks oily but after clearing the floating 'stuff' it looks much better ~

那小小的猪扒还蛮好吃的 味道和口感都不错...
the mini burger and pickles:
the tiny piece of pork is delicious...

份量蛮大的 烧鸭也蛮多
the main:
portion is huge with lots of roast duck
the meat is tender and juicy too...
but the boiled veggie looks pathetic

Sun Wong is part of the Oversea Group

之前的帖子/Previous posting:

新旺香港茶餐厅 ~ Restoran Sun Wong @ Jaya One
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mr Ho's Fine Foods @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

位于 Hartamas Shopping Centre 里 Penang Village 对面
Located opposite Penang Village @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

各式烤肉 (RM29.90):
包括两条香肠, 猪扒和猪排骨
Mixed Grilled (RM29.90):
There are two types of sausages, pork chop and pork ribs
served with potato and cabbage

The pork chop tender and flavoursome:

the pork ribs with very little meat:

香肠也不错吃 外皮有点嚼劲
The sausages are pretty good too
the skin is a little crunchy
but the cabbage tasted bland:

烧肉炒饭 (RM10):
炒饭里下了很多 小辣椒 有点辣味
份量很大 烧肉也很多!
饭炒得很香 好好吃 ~ Photobucket
Fried Rice with Roast Pork (RM10):
fried with some chopped bird's eye chili
the portion is huge with lots of roast pork too!
very fragrant and tasty...

Mr Ho's Fine Foods
Hartamas Shopping Centre
Tel: 603 6201 4601/6203 0109