Tuesday, June 26, 2012

McCafe @ Kota Damansara

刚开张位于 Kota Damansara McD 里的 McCafe
除了咖啡也卖热巧克力, 蛋糕,  核仁巧克力饼和松饼
虽然没试 可是卖相不错哦
下一次吧 ~
The new McCafe @ McD, Kota Damansara
Other than coffees they also serve hot chocolate, cakes, brownies and muffins
Even though we did not try them, but they look really good
Maybe next trip ~

拿铁 (RM4.50) & 热巧克力 (RM5.75):
味道都不错 唯一不满意的是拿铁不够热...
From left to right
8oz Latte (RM4.50) & 8oz Hot Chocolate (RM5.75):
Both tasted pretty good the only complain would be the latte is luke warm
prefer it to be hotter...