Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cake from Awfully Chocolate @ Singapore

在不久之前一个被送上五个小时巴士之旅从新加坡到 PJ 的巧克力蛋糕
真的很谢谢 AK...
A while ago a chocolate cake that was sent on a 5-hour bus trip from Singapore to PJ
Thanks to AK...

We were pretty cautious when opening the box
expecting to see the cake in a disastrous state
however surprise, surprise, surpries!!
it looks perfectly ok ~

Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake :
Dark pitted cherries laced with rum in super moist chocolate cake
S$29.60 for 6"size

还是依然松软湿润  真神奇!
Even after we leave the chocolate cake in the freezer for almost a day
Unlike most of the of the chocolate cake, it didn't harden and was still soft and moist
This is so amazing!

蛋糕甜度适中 松软的口感 一级棒!
Lots of rum cherries...
the cake is not overly sweet while the soft and moist texture is perfect!

Recently i just got another cake from Awfully Chocolate
It is a All Chocolate which is original dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate fudge
it is also equally delicious ~
This round thanks to FC...
最近又收到另一个 Awfully Chocolate 的巧克力蛋糕
也是同样美味 ~
这一次要谢谢的是FC 咯...

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