Monday, June 30, 2008

喫 ~ Kissaten : Coffee & Restaurant

位于 Jaya One
因为设计类似日本餐厅, 可是餐牌里的食物却包括淋面, 鸡丝粿条汤还有意粉 Photobucket
Located at Jaya One
not easy to find at it is located at the far end corner near Hai-Lo
and there is only a sign at the ground floor as the restaurant is located upstairs...
I have problem categorized this restaurant as the set up looks very Japanese, and yet the food served including local lam mee, chicken koay teow soup and also spaghetti


早餐时间是从 8am ~ 11am 星期一到五
Breakfast starts at 8am to 11am on Monday to Friday

午餐套餐是星期一到星期日, 11am ~ 2pm
While Set Lunches are available from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 2pm

All rice and noodle sets come with green tea:

味噌猪骨汤拉面套餐 (RM19.80):
味噌猪骨汤拉面 + 日式炸饺子和绿茶
Miso Tonkotsu Ramen Set (RM19.80):
Miso Tongotsu Ramen + Yaki Gyoza + Green Tea
Tonkotsu ("pork bone") ramen has usually a cloudy white colored broth. It is similar to the Chinese baitang (白湯) and is a thick broth made by boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for hours on end, suffusing the broth with a hearty pork flavor and a creamy consistency that rivals milk or melted butter or gravy (depending on the shop). Most shops, but not all, blend this pork broth with a small amount of chicken and vegetable stock and/or soy sauce. Currently the latest trend in tonkotsu toppings is māyu (マー油), a blackish, aromatic oil made from charred crushed garlic. The noodles are thin and straight. It is a specialty of Kyūshū and is often served with beni shoga (pickled ginger)
the portion is quite big with char siew and half a soft boiled egg on the ramen
the soup is tasty...

The gyoza are delicious too... even though we find the skin a little too thick

叉烧淋面套餐 (RM15.80):
叉烧淋面 + 姜汁布丁和绿茶
除了很多叉烧, 还有半个半熟蛋和包菜
Char Siew Lam Mee Set (RM15.80):
Char siew Lam Mee + Ginger Pudding + Green Tea
another big portion...
with generous portion of char siew, half a soft boiled egg and some cabbage

the sambal is spicy and flavoursome...

the char siew are thickly sliced and break easily into flakes...
good to eat on its own or dip into the sambal provided for the kick hot

Ginger pudding:
soft and smooth but it tasted a bit bitter...

蘑菇鸡蛋意粉套餐 (RM21.80):
这蘑菇半熟蛋意粉套餐包括: 蘑菇汤, 沙拉和一杯 illy 咖啡/茶
Mushroom Onsen Tamago Spaghetti Set (RM21.80):
Mushroom Onsen Tamago Spaghetti + Mushroom Soup + Salad + a cup of Illy Coffee/Tea

the mushroom soup is very thick...

The musrhroom and egg spaghetti :
with the spaghetti cooked perfectly with lots of mushrooms
this is a little soupy but still delicious...

i didn't take any picture of the coffee...

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Terazza Brasserie @ Sheraton Subang

Terazza Brasserie 的自助晚餐
RM88++ 一个位
Buffet Dinner at Terazza Brasserie

我吃了三轮这个... Photobucket
Started with some fresh oysters and prawns:
the oysters and prawns are really fresh and succulent
i had at three helpings of these...

咖哩花蟹, 咖哩羊肉, 烧鱼, 辣椒虾和辣椒煎鱼
Followed by the local food selections:
Curry crabs, curry mutton, grilled fish, chili prawns and spicy fried fish

the curry crabs are flavoursome and very tasty...

This grilled fish is really delicious when eat together with the sour and spicy sambal provided...

鱼, 虾, 沙爹和烤羊
From the BBQ corner:
fish, prawns, satay and roast lamb
the fish and satay are dry and tough
however the roast lamb is too rare for my liking...


there are many selections...
what i had selected are very delicious Photobucket

Lemon pie:
with the taste of tangy lemon

Chocolate mousse:

fruits and chocolate cheese cake
both are smooth and delicious...

这是我最喜欢的草莓慕丝 Photobucket
This is the one i like best ~ strawberry mousse...

Not forgetting coffee...

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Miyako @ Sheraton Subang

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vivo ~ American Pizza & Panini

Vivo (拉丁文): 生存, 活跃 ~
位于 The Curve, Western Courtyard 二楼
也就是 TGIF 楼上...
Vivo (latin) : to live, be alive ~
Located on First Floor, Western Courtyard, right on top of TGIF


可乐(RM2.50) & 绿茶拿铁 (RM4.80):
Coke (RM2.50) & Green Tea Latte (RM4.80):
i find the green tea latte too "green" for me...
tasted more like seaweed latte ~

梦幻巧克力 (RM7.80):
上面一层是 棉花糖 和巧克力浆
浓郁的巧克力味道 ~
Choco Brownies Mallows (RM7.80):
this is a very big glass of ice blended chocolate drink topped with marshmallows and chocolate sauce
very thick and delicious ~

纽西兰貽貝鲜虾意粉 (RM16.80):
新鲜的虾和纽西兰青口貽貝用特别的香料, 蒜米和蕃茄酱煮成
NZ Mussels with Prawns (RM16.80):
Fresh prawns and New Zealand green lipped mussels sauteed with special herbs and garlic in Marinara sauce
the seafood are very fresh and this tomato based pasta is flavoursome

海鲜烤饭 (RM14.90):
奶油饭加入虾, 三文鱼和海鲂鱼块和茄汁, 铺上无盐干酪再放进烤箱里烤
我最喜欢的是切成大块的海鲜 吃起来才够味啊! Photobucket
Seafood baked Rice (RM14.90):
Warm butter rice topped with prawns, salmon & dory fish chunks in creamy tomato sauce, oven baked with mozzarella cheese on top
what i like most abt this is the seafood are cut into chunky cubes which give stronger taste and flavour...

BBQ 火鸡薄饼 (RM10.90):
火鸡片, 鲜蘑菇, 洋葱, 红和青色的灯笼椒, 橄榄和 Vivo的特色 BBQ 酱料
我们蛮喜欢那 Vivo 的特色 BBQ 酱料, 有点重的烟熏味
Turkey BBQ : 7" Thin Crust (RM10.90):
Turkey strips, fresh mushrooms, onions, red & green capsicums, black olives in Vivo's special BBQ sauce
a thin and crispy crust personal size pizza
small but with lots of ingredients...
the Vivo's special BBQ sauce gives a very strong smoking taste which we enjoy

BBQ 烤鸡扒 (RM13.90):
用特别卤汁泡过的鸡扒块和黄梨片还有 BBQ 酱一起烤
BBQ 的味道比较淡
喜欢重口味的朋友就要要求多些 BBQ 酱料咯
Tropical BBQ Chicken Chop (RM13.90):
Specially marinated chicken chop baked with pineapple slices and laced with a rich, full flavour sweet hickory BBQ sauce
serves with fries and coleslaw the chicken is tender and juicy with very mild BBQ taste
for those who prefer stronger BBQ taste might have to ask for extra sauce

丰盛海鲜薄饼 (RM29.90):
鲜虾, 三文鱼和海鲂鱼块, 纽西兰貽貝, 无盐干酪, Vivo 特色薄饼酱, BBQ酱和橄榄油
很多的切块海鲜加上浓郁的 BBQ 味道很特别好吃
和常吃的蕃茄酱海鲜薄饼很不一样的风味 ~
Seafood Pizza : 13" Thin Crust (RM29.90):
A selection of seafood - fresh prawns, salmon & dory fish chunks, NZ mussels, mozzarella cheese, Vivo's special pizza sauce, BBQ sauce & extra virgin olive oil
this is very delicious with lots of chunky seafood and a strong BBQ flavour
we also realised that chunky cube cut of seafood keeps the fish juicy at the inside Photobucket
something very different from our usual tomato based seafood pizza

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