Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Macarons @ Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

可是这一次我的目的是马卡龙 ~
There are many yummy pasty, cake and food serve here
but for this visit my target is the macarons ~

Choices and prices:
the more you buy the cheaper it is...

Macarons here are spelt with double 'o'

一盒十个 (RM30):
左边上层: 黑醋栗、加纳黑巧克力两个、开心果和百香果& 芒果
下层 :覆盆子、三重巧克力、 绿茶、咖啡和草莓
10 in a box (RM30):
9 different flavours
from left top: Cassus (blackcurrant), Ghana Dark Chocolate x2, Pistache and Fruit De La Passion & Mango
botton: Framboise (raspberry), Triple Chocolate, Macha (green tea), Macchiato (coffee) & Fraise (Strawberry)

比起巧克力口味的 我更喜欢水果口味的
i personally prefer the fruity flavour ones compared to the chocolate flavour ones
the raspberry, strawberry, mango and blackcurrant are pretty good with their distintive flavours while green tea is kinda mild

因为价钱不一样 而我又懒惰排多一次队 下一趟吧
(在这里是先付钱 再到马卡龙柜台去选然后外带或是在店里享用)
my only regret is did not get to try the one with durian flavour
as it is priced differently and i was too lazy to queue again
(for purchase of the macarons pay first, then choose and collect at another counter either take away or eat it)

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie
No. 7 Jalan Delima
Off Jalan Imbi (next to Fukuya)
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2142 6611

Operating hours :
Monday to Sunday 8am to 8pm


Sunday, March 20, 2011

风味小馆 ~ Oriental Cravings @ 1-Utama

下雨的夜晚最适合吃这个 ~
Most suitable to eat on a raining evening ~

鱼头锅 (RM52.90):
Teo Chew Fish Treasure Broth (RM52.90):
peppery broth served in a large claypot

There are deep fried fish head, prawns, fish fillet, veggie, toufu, seaweed, mushrooms and Shirataki noodles

米粉 (RM1一份):
蛮大一碟... 可以盛满大约四个饭碗
Mee hoon (RM1/serving):
pretty big portion... can fill at least 4 rice bowls

if only there are yam slices in this...

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vineria IT @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

在 BSC Vineria IT 的晚餐
Dinner @ Vineria IT, BSC

Starter on the house:
bread served with vinegar in olive oil

Zuppa Di Pesce (RM24):
蕃茄汤底的海鲜汤 味道不会太浓
Tomato based seafood soup
light and tasty with croutons

Al Fritto Di Mare (RM36):
炸过的乌贼增加了不同的口感 很特别的配搭
Pizza with deep fried calamari and prawns
we find it quite a good combination as the deep fried calamari give a different texture to the bite compared to the non-fried calamari
love the thin and crispy pizza crust too...

Pasta Special (RM58):
白酒调味的扁长意粉和四只大虾 份量足够两个人分享
虾只很新鲜肉质富有弹性 意粉则煮得刚好有少许的嚼劲
fettucini in white wine sauce served with 4 very large prawns
portion is kinda big and it is good enough for 2 person
the prawns are fresh and succulent while the pasta is well done with a little chew

名片/Business card:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

乡村槽鸡饭店 ~ Restaurant Village Chicken @ SS2

Dinner @ Village Chicken

清炒蕃薯叶/Stir-fried Veggie (RM15):

槽鸡 (RM70):
鸡肉很嫩滑好吃 Photobucket
Village Chicken (RM70):
a very big chicken!
served with oyster sauce
the chicken is smooth, tender and tasty

a flavoursome chili sause to add flavour to the chicken:

酿鱼 (RM35):
先把鱼起肉去骨 搅成鱼滑再酿在鱼皮里 再拿去炸
Stuffed Fish with Fish Paste (RM35):
this dish requires lots of work
first must separate the fish skin with the meat
then the meat is deboned, made into fish paste before stuffing it back into the fish skin
then deep fried...

有香脆的鱼皮 却不必担心啃到鱼骨头...
crispy fish skin with yummy boneless fish paste... Photobucket

白米饭 (RM1.50/碗) - 可以选择油饭或是白饭
Rice - RM1.50/bowl - with an option of oil rice or white rice

名片/Business card:

Monday, March 7, 2011

IL DIVO ~ Ristorante Italiano @ Ampang

一顿意大利晚餐竟然变成"虾宴" ~ Photobucket
an Italian dinning experience turned a feast of prawns ~


Starter on the house ~ Bruschetta:
simple but tasty...

Seafood soup (RM25):
蕃茄汤底的海鲜汤有鱼片, 虾, 蛤蜊和乌贼片
汤味道清淡 鱼有点腥
Seafood in tomato based soup
a very light soup and we find the fish a little fishy

Capellini aglio olio Peperoncino e Gamberoni (RM55):
幸好意粉QQ的 味道不错
garlic oil angel hair pasta with chili flakes & jumbo tiger prawns (2)
instead of two jumbo tiger prawns there are 5 medium size prawns
no apologies offered...
just curious how jumbo are the jumbo tiger prawns
luckily this fine pasta is very well done and flavoursome

Special of the day (RM38):
当日特点... 又是虾
虾只都很新鲜 意粉也很好味
Linguine Fresco
this was recommended by the wait staff
more prawns...they are very fresh
while the linguine is very good too

Tiramisu (RM28):
份量不多 味道普通...
about the size of a deck of cards
totally not worth the price... Photobucket

Cappucino (RM8):

名片/Business card: