Monday, October 1, 2007

Cable Car Cafe @ Section 14

Cable Car Cafe 有很多年的历史了
位于历史一样悠久的 Jaya Shopping Centre
Cable Car Cafe 胜在价钱大众化而选择也蛮多
不过通常我们到这里都是吃套餐的 ~
A good place for set lunch...
Cable Car Cafe is located in Jaya Shopping Centre at Section 14 Petaling Jaya
it has been here for a very long time now
according to some friends this shopping centre will be demolished by end of this year to make way for a new shopping mall...
Cable Car Cafe is also popular for its reasonable pricing and variety of food served
but usually we are here for the set lunch ~


JL 和我都选了烤鸡 ~
Menu for set lunch of the day (RM13.50++):
with 3 choices but JL and me also decided on the roast chicken...

Table setting:

Soup of the day ~ Cream of Asparagus:
not bad with a creamy base...

The bun & butter:
the bun is warm and fluffy inside...

烤鸡的酱料也少了点可是可以向他们要多些 ~
Roast Chicken:
half spring chicken with fries and veggie
the fries are on the over-fried side...
have to ask for extra brown sauce for the roast chicken ~

Coffee and dessert of the day:

i dunno what is this called...
but like the coconut with brown sugar filling which is not too sweet ~

Cable Car Cafe
Lot 3.23 - 3.29 3rd Floor
Jaya Shopping Centre
Jalan Semangat Section 14
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7958 6588


Jun said...

some call it kuih dadar while others, kuih ketayap. chk w ur "experts" ;p cable car's been around since i was in primary skool leh, still surviving... not bad not bad *hehe*

ling239 said...

hahahaaaa... in boo's blog she also called it kuih ketayap ^_^
i remember last time they have a branch in Happy Garden, Bangsar, However this is the surviving one ~ ^_^

boo_licious said...

Yup, it's called Kuih Ketayap. Do u know where they will shift to? Heard that Jaya will be torn down and rebuilt again?

ling239 said...

tks ~ ^_^
forgotten to find out from them maybe during my next visit i will ask them abt it.
yes...apparently it was in the papers that Jaya will be replaced by a new buidling in 3 years time, lets wait and see as so many commercial buildings are coming up in Sec 14 ~

ai wei said...

cute menu!
oh... can't believe, all these at just rm 13.50??? the serving is quite big!

ling239 said...

ai wei:
a very filling meal indeed for that kind of price ~ ^_^

Simon Seow said...

They also have a branch in Sunway Pyramid but not sure whether it's still in business there or not. Patron there once when I was in college.

ling239 said...

hmm... speaking of that i just remember it, but me too no idea if the cafe still there ~

Anonymous said...


I am FHL66. Anyone now where cable car cafe had shifted to? The one in Sunway Pyramid was closed long long time ago. I missed their nasi lemak and cantonese fried mee.