Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Wok Cafe @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

在 The Wok Cafe 吃的晚餐
Dinner @ The Wok Cafe
They serve Penang Nyonya and local cuisine

Menu on house specialities:

黄糖豆奶 (RM3) & 罗汉果凉水 (RM3):
Soya Bean Milk with brown sugar syrup (RM3) &
Herbal drink - Loh Han Koh (RM3):

咖哩鱼头 (RM30):
配菜有茄子, 蕃茄和羊角豆
Curry Fish Head (RM30):
served wtih brinjal, tomato and okra
the curry is thick and flavoursome
good to eat with rice Photobucket

鱿鱼炒 (RM10):
鱿鱼炒不会太湿 还有很多蘑菇个萝卜丝
那个超辣的叁巴也很好味哦... hot
Jiu Hoo Char (RM10):
this price is for a small portion
it is moist and tasty with lots of mushroom and carrot too
love the super spicy and delicious sambal ...

白米饭: RM1.50/碟
White rice RM1.50/plate

名片/Name card:




Akira 思胜 said...

会好吃过槟城吗? 呵呵, 要等我去试试看了呢!

Pam said...

Looks slightly different from Penang's version...
Tastewise? Authentic?

choi yen said...

not much gravy for the curry fish head~~

HairyBerry said...

woah, got website one! must go check it out. aiyoh, the fish head looks really appetising la. especially when the sauce is the pekat type. yummy!

~Christine~Leng said...

Is this the same as the one in Puchong ya? ^^

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
口味...因人而异吧 ^_^

Tarts and Pies :
i find the food delicious...^_^

mimid3vils :
it is not the watery type ~ ^_^

Nic :
hahahaaaa... extra rice? :p

~Christine~Leng :
it is not stated in their blog or name card, so i guess not ~ ^_^

worldwindows said...

The Ju Hu Char is a must. Literally salivate as I only get it from my MIL's kitchen in Penang.