Monday, October 19, 2009

旧街场白咖啡 ~ Old Town White Coffee (4)

旧街场白咖啡的"河熹" ~
Hor Hee @ Old Town ~

河熹套餐 (RM6.90):
My Hor Hee Set (RM6.90):
serves with a iced pepsi


加多 RM1 就可以把汽水换成加了雪糕的"漂浮"汽水, 酸柑汁或是热的旧街场白咖啡:
Or add RM1 for a Classic Float, lime juice or Old Town white coffee:

Lime juice and Old Town white coffee:

乳白色的河粉汤里有切片的鱼饼, 鱼丸和鱼皮云吞
汤熬得很够味 可惜少了点 Photobucket
鱼皮云吞就有点硬... 可是味道不错
Hor Hee:
hor fun served with fish cake slices, fish balls and fish dumplings
the soup is flavoursome but too little
while the hor fun is soft and smooth
and the fish dumplings are a little hard... but still tasty

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Pam said...

I'd tried the Hor Hee set but it was not as good as the original version of Hor Hee (or perhaps the typical one) found in Ipoh. In Ipoh itself, only a few out of the many stalls are actually serving really good Hor Hee. Many vendors in Ipoh claim upon the authenticity of their Hor Hee but those are generally not true.

Akira 思胜 said...

那边的食物是很普通了咯... 通街可以找到Old town呢...

十六 said...

來old town很少叫這類的食物
每次都是叫白咖啡和nasi lemak之類的

Ciki said...

this plc grows faster than a five o'clock shadow! LOL

ling239 said...

Tarts and Pies :
so i heard, tks for sharing ^_^

Akira 思胜 :

十六夜真人 :

yalor!! everywhere we go also can find one nearby...XD

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