Thursday, September 25, 2008

小火人烧烤店 ~ Fireman BBQ Restaurant @ Jaya One

一个很享受的烧烤午餐 Photobucket
在 Jaya One 的 小火人烧烤店
这餐馆位于 Jaya One 后方通往停车场的路旁
路的另一端就是 Dutch Lady 厂...
A very enjoyable BBQ lunch at Fireman, Jaya One
This restaurant is located at the back portion of Jaya One, facing the back road which leads to the carpark at Jaya One, or at the end of the road is Dutch Lady factory ~

the little fireman is so cool ~

小火人超级黑沙律 (RM7.90):
Fireman Super Black Salad (RM7.90):
Century Egg Salad
something different for a salad Photobucket

小火人芒果沙律 (RM9.90):
青芒果, 腰果和虾米沙律
可是却是咸的... Photobucket
Fireman Mango Salad (RM9.90):
Green mango salad with cashew nuts and dried shrimps
and this tasted salty
wonder why it is not sour...

小火人虾饼 (RM16.90):
Fireman Prawn Cake (RM16.90):
Deep fried prawn cake served with plum sauce in donut shape
tasted just ordinary...

烟肉卷 (RM14.90):
味道很香也很好吃 Photobucket
Bacon Triple Roll (RM14.90):
fried asparagus and baby corn wrapped in bacon
this smells very good and tasted delicious...

班兰鸡 (RM13.90):
Chicken Pandan (RM13.90):
Marinated chicken thigh wrapped in pandan leaf served with sesame sauce
the chicken is juicy and tender...


小火人炒饭 (RM2):
Fireman Fried Rice (RM2):
simple and yet very tasty fried rice...

辣椒炒饭 (RM2):
这也很好吃... 不会太辣
Chili Fried Rice (RM2):
this is also very good... not too spicy

大家都认为味道不比 BBQ Plaza 的好
Sauces to go with the bbq:
many commented that the sauces provided is not as good as those at BBQ Plaza...

Fireman Beef (RM19.90):
牛肉, 鱼面, 包菜丝, 南瓜和小玉蜀黍
Beef slices, fish noodle, shredded cabbage, pumpkin and baby corn

Fireman Pork (RM19.90):
猪肉, 鱼面, 包菜丝, 南瓜和小玉蜀黍
pork slices, fish noodle, shredded cabbage, pumpkin and baby corn

Hot Blazer (RM32.90):
Bacon, pork shoulder, intestine, liver, belly and shredded cabbage

大家一起来烧烤咯 ~
Let's bbq:

孛荠 (马蹄) 甜品 (RM5.90):
Water Chestnut Dessert (RM5.90):

很多孛荠 (马蹄) 和 波罗蜜
lot and lots of water chestnuts and jack fruit slices
tasted crunchy, fragrant and yet not too sweet ~

除了高大, 健康的肤色和性感的服装
他也很友善... 超酷的!
Show time:
The Fireman!!
Other than tall, dark and sexy...
he is very friendly and really cool ~ Photobucket

名片/Name card:


Akira 思胜 said...

哇, 真的很特别呢... 小火人哦, 还有表演看呢...

Akira 思胜 said...

我吃过BBQ PLAZA的, 那边很好吃...

安德生 said...

跟BBQ plaza比,哪一个好吃?

Vincent Cho said...


HairyBerry said...

woah!!! gott free show somemore! so cool! :D

when i saw the title, i thought they only serve spicy food..hehehe...

myCoffee said...

Real-life performance by a "fireman"? Sounds kinky....hehe

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah u always find all the stylo milo places to eat 1 ar..

must really go visit jaya so much funky stuff to try out

choi yen said...

Portion quite big, got free show somemore!!!

Precious Pea said...

OOo..similar concept to BBQ plaza but the meat platters look more generous serving. I like the black salad..slurp slurp!

Christina Kim said...

I was wondering why the name Fireman when I saw all the salads in the beginning.
Hahaha...I missed out the word BBQ and when the Hot Blazer and names like that came out, I know why:)

Ooooo....the free show sounds cool yea:D

Anonymous said...

wow...look delicious...
i wan go to eat when going bac~~

backStreetGluttons said...

what a cool name. he must be real hot.gotta see him soon

oLive said...

feel like very nice neh/..
plan go try try dy

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
有机会要试试咯 ~ ^_^

安德生 :
等我去了 BBQ PLAZA 再说...
可是那边没表演看咯 :P

Vincent :

Nic (KHKL) :
yalor, it is really cool ~ ^_^

myCoffee :
well... he is cool ~ ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
hahahaaaa.... have not been to all of them yet, there are so so many restaurants at Jaya One ~ :p

mimid3vils :
yes ~ ^_^

Precious Pea :
u are a century egg lover... ^_^

Christy :
very entertaining ~ ^_^

squall :
coming back soon ?

backstreetgluttons :
hope u enjoy the food and show ~ ^_^

oLive :
enjoy ~ ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Oh, got so many side dishes, I thought they only do BBQ. I see the outlet in the Curve quite empty. I wonder how much is price that you pay went to the fire show.

ling239 said...

Simon :
no charges for the show...
we only paid for our food and drinks ~ ^_^

J2Kfm said...

saw this at Jaya One before.
the BBQ grill really look like BBQ Plaza's ya?
minus the pork lard?

ling239 said...

J2Kfm :
there are pork lard pieces in this too... they are placed right in the middle ~ ^_^

wmw said...

Mr Fireman got some erotic moves too! Hahaha...The tagline should be "If our food doesn't heat you up, Mr Fireman will!" LOL! :p

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

This BBQ restaurant
looks so interesting and creative!
But their price abit somemore
Especially the Hot Blazer -

ling239 said...

wmw :
hahahaaaa.... i like your tagline!! ^_^

JeromeFo 令狐冲 :
but the portion is quite big wor..^_^

Anonymous said...

very good food and service! i think much better than BBQ plaza - coz got first class show.

Anonymous said...

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