Monday, July 16, 2007

Departure Lounge (3)

对,对,对 是第三次了
Well... this is my third visit here and the reason being i have yet to try the English muffin...
lame excuse ? watever....

咖啡 (小)
RM4.50 一杯的咖啡有多小杯?
看到那包糖吧? 咖啡就那么大杯...
和 expresso 杯没差 ~
Americano (S) RM4.50:
i know i asked for a small Americano
and i really got no idea how small it can be at RM4.50
anyway it is really small way too small to pay RM4.50 for it
see the packet of sugar next to it ? that's the size of the coffee cup about the size of an expresso cup

如果有定早餐的话咖啡和果汁只需 RM2
Apple Juice (RM4.50):
this is from the tetra pack
with any order of breakfast the coffee/fruit juice is at RM2

也很容易弄只需要任何面包 + 切片蘑菇 + 乳酪然后放进烤箱里烤一会儿就行了~
Mushroom Meltie (RM6.90):
mushroom and melted cheese on English muffin
not bad but something very easy to make if u have any bread + mushroom + cheese and throw them into the oven ~

因为发觉第二次去的时候给他们看了那张卡还是没给我那 10% 的优惠
而这一次虽然给了那 10% 的优惠可是买早餐饮料应该 RM2 的却算了原价
所以要记得检查你的收据哦 ~
Not a very happy visit this time around...
first because i realised during my previous visit i was not given the 10% discount even after showing the card to the cashier
and this round i was given the 10% discount but the drink is being charged at normal price even though we order a DIMW breakfast
i mean they should be more alert on they promotions right? right? right?
so please check your receipt ~

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