Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kinnaree Thai Restaurant @ Jaya One (2)

Jaya One, Kinnaree 的午餐套餐
Set lunch @ Kinnaree, Jaya One

青咖哩鸡饭 (RM12.80):
Green Curry Chicken with Rice (RM12.80):
served with tea which is refillable
all of us chose the Kinnaree Infusion tea
one big bowl of fragrant steamed rice with a bowl of green curry chicken at the side
the portion of rice is so much more than the portion of green curry
we barely managed to fload half the rice...

青咖哩里有茄子, 豌豆和三 ~ 四片切得薄薄的鸡肉
there are pieces of brinjal, green peas and about 3 ~ 4 thinly sliced chicken fillet
the green curry is milky and flavoursome! Photobucket

我觉得他们要就增加青咖哩的份量 不然就减少香米饭的份量
很多饭都浪费了... 因为吃到一半就只剩下饭啊 Photobucket
They should either increase the curry portion or reduce the rice portion
as most of us cant finished the rice... mainly due to nothing else to go with it

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Kinnaree Thai Restaurant @ Jaya One


Akira 思胜 said...

青咖哩哦, 我很喜欢呢!

安德生 said...


Andrew said...

thai foood! woooot~ tired my elephant before in sec 17? awesome!

Sugar Bean said...

Haha, yeah, the rice really looks like a heap of mountain. But since the curry is good, it's still worth it! =)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

haha tactic to get u to order more!

Christy said...

Hehe...dunno why, somehow the color of the green curry and the rice was almost one:p

mimid3vils said...

Although it was a set meal but 3/4 pcs of thin chicken meat is too little lah =.=''

Chris Chia said...


ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
那就别错过咯 ~ ^_^

安德生 :

Andrew :
yes, and they are not as good nowadays...

Sugar Bean :
it is! u have to portion the curry so that u can finished the rice too ~ :p

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
yahor! now that u mentioned...

Christy :
the rice in the plate, and the curry in the bowl ~ ^_^

mimid3vils :
i know... but the curry is very delicious! :p

Chris Chia :

yaogunpig said...


ling239 said...

yaogunpig :
好久没见哦 ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi ling239,

We noted your comment re the portion of the green curry chicken and rice. We'll feedback to the Chef and rest be assured it will be more balance. Many thanks and have a good day ;-)

Warmest regards,