Monday, February 18, 2008

朝生肉骨茶 ~ Cheow Sang Bak Kut Teh (2)

除了 SS2 的之外, 还有SS3, Kota Damansara 和 Sunway Mas Commercial Centre (靠近 Alam Suria)
We understand from friends that Cheow Sang had been openning up many branches lately
Other than the main one in SS2, they are also in SS3, Kota Damansara and Sunway Mas Commercial Centre (near Alam Suria) Photobucket

这家是位于 Sunway Mas Commercial Centre 的
也就是店面对着 Alam Suria 的入口处:
This is the branch at Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
located on the row of shop houses facing Alam Suria's main entrance:

三个位的肉骨茶 (RM24):
Bak Kut Teh for 3 pax (RM24):
when it was served...

可是我们还是比较喜欢 SS2 的
这里的汤味道淡了点... 肉也不入味
Actually there are lots of meat...
we still prefer the bkt serve at the ss2 main branch
the soup served here is somehow lighter and not so flavoursome

清蒸红曹鱼 (RM38):
最近是不是红曹鱼 (红枣鱼) 的季节?
这鱼真的很好吃! Photobucket
Steamed Red Snapper (RM38):
is this fish in season now ? just curious... i had been having the same type of fish for two days straight ~
Not complaining though as the fish is very fresh and delicious !

我们四个, 加上饭和茶 = RM70
For four of us, including rice and chinese tea = RM70

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朝生肉骨茶 ~ Cheow Sang Bak Kut Teh


Nic (KHKL) said...

steamed fish with choy poh (pickled radish)? that's quite new to me leh... :)

Jackson said...


Precious Pea said...

I always though this place is a neighbourhood restaurant. Didn't know they have branches. I tried twice at their outlet in SS2. Not bad!

ekeng said...

i know this BKT place..but dunno they have a brach at SS2 wor..hehe..Will try it out next time :)

ling239 said...

Nic :
the fish head with chili and bean paste also not bad... ^_^

Jackson :
哈哈....那你去吃了么? ^_^

Precious Pea :
i find the one in SS2 serves better food... dun forget to order the big lalas very good too ~ ^_^

ekeng :
the one in SS2 is the main one lar... ^_^

Simon Seow said...

I've only tried the one in SS2. The soup is lighther compared with Klang version.

ling239 said...

Simon :
yeap... only in Klang we find those thick and dark soup ~ ^_^