Thursday, February 21, 2008

海洋城 ~ Atlantis Seafood Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

到 Kota Damansara 的海洋城吃晚餐
位于 清蒸皇海鲜冷气饭店 对面
我们就决定去试一试咯 ~
Dinner @ Atlantis, Kota Damansara
located opposite Steam King Seafood Restaurant
seems to be quite empty all the time
however we decided to try it out since this is highly recommended by a friend who works at that area...

all the seafood are from Sabah...

免费的列汤 ~ 西洋菜汤:
Soup of the day ~ Watercress soup
this is served before the food
not bad...

咸蛋虾 (RM16):
很好吃也很值得吃!! Photobucket
8 只新鲜的大虾才 RM16...
Salted Egg Prawns (RM16):
Prawns coated with salted egg
this is very delicious and so worth it !!
for RM16 there are 8 very fresh prawns...

清蒸西星班 (RM72):
Steamed Squaretail Coralgouper (RM72):
this was recommended by them... as most of the fish are either not available or they are too big for us
this fish tasted very much like soon hock
very fresh...Photobucket

清蒸沙白 (RM16):
汤也很好喝哦 ~ Photobucket
Steamed Clams (RM16):
Fatty succulent clams !!
this is very delicious too...
and we enjoy the soup very much ~

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ekeng said...

i know this restaurant very well...i mean in Sabah one.

wenching & esiong said...

Seems like a good restaurant for seafood! All seafood are from Sabah? Guess we should give it a try, the prawns look really good.

Hazza said...

I would normally a restaurant that is empty but if food is fresh, then its fine. Fish looked like soon hock, and if tastes like it too, then you got a bargain!

mimi said...

The clam is so big hor.... ;)

ai wei said...

i m not a big fans of clam... but this fat juicy one seesm a worth to try out!

Nic (KHKL) said...

seafood from sabah? very new to me...the Squaretail Coralgouper sounds very interesting...i can imagine the succulent flesh...

ling239 said...

ekeng :
so is the pricing similar here and there ? ^_^

wenching & esiong :
prices are very reasonable too ^_^

Hazza :
never try never know... ^_^

mimi :
yes yes big and juicy, yum !! ^_^

ai wei :
must not forget the prawns ya... ^_^

Nic :
and all the seafood served are very very fresh... ^_^

ekeng said...

honestly, the seafood in KK Atlantis is much more expensive than here..I have no idea why like this..hehe :)

ling239 said...

ekeng :
next time bring ur family and frens to eat here lar hahahaaa ^_^