Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Uncle Chili Restaurant @ Amcorp Mall

到 Amcorp Mall 的 Uncle Chili 去吃午餐
Lunch @ Uncle Chili Restaurant, Amcorp Mall
Since one of our colleagues need to purchase something there
as i follower i just join the group... car pool ~


吉子酸梅 Lemonade Sour Plum (RM1.80):
凉粉豆奶 Soya Bean Cincau (RM1.80):
中国茶 Chinese Tea hot (RM1):
Prices are very reasonable... Photobucket

东炎米粉 (RM5.50):
Tom Yam Mee Hoon (RM5.50):
can't see the ingredients...
smells like tom yam and taste is on the mild side

the hidden ingredients...

泰式炒米粉 (RM5.50):
Thai Style Fried Mee Hoon (RM5.50):
One of the very popular dish
the mee hoon is not very oily and flavoursome
on the spicy side...

中式意粉 (RM5.50):
下次一定要试试... Photobucket
Chinese Style Fried Spaghetti (RM5.50):
this looks kinda plain but very delicious...
my colleague eats this everytime we visit this place
must try this during my next visit

生虾伊面 (RM12):
Sang Har Yee Min (RM12):
The most expensive noodle in the menu...
served with two big prawns
but i find the yee min too thick and hard
must soak in the egg gravy and wait for it to be soften

炒姜鸡伊面 (RM5.50):
Ginger Chicken Yee Min (RM5.50):
very simple meal...
at least the yee min is just nice not too hard or soft

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wmw said...

Haven't tried this place 'cos everytime I go to Amcorp Mall, I will usually go for my Korean food. But food here seems satisfactory and priced reasonably. Thanks for the tip...

Dragon said...

looks quite nice..... hungry now... must go breakfast already....

celine said...

All the noodle dishes also contain very less ingredients...
You like Yang Zong Wei?

yammylicious said...

uncle chili? hahax! i lik sang har mee.. wif the crunchy ee mee!! aww jus love it!

teckiee said...

hmm i pass by this place a few times.. want to eat.. but always no one during dinner time. All the dishes dont sound good. I think i'll pass.

Nic (KHKL) said...

noodles for lunch is always a good hokkien mee ar? ginger chicken yee min looks ok...but not duck ar? hehe...

wenching & esiong said...

Seems like a nice place for reasonably priced food. Too bad we don't use to go to Amcorp Mall. Anyway, would want to try the Thai style fried mee hoon.

ekeng said...

i think the sang har ee min look a bit sad..if u wanna have good sang har sang min..i suggest you go to Restoran Jackson at Seksyen 17. their served good sang sar sang min for RM 8 only

ling239 said...

wmw :
i used to dine at the Korean restaurant too, but unless u r early otherwise long wait for the food... =.="

Dragon :
thanks for your support ^_^

celine :
yalor, but still flavoursome ^_^ no, i dun like Yang Zong Wei but
i love some of his songs ;p

yammylicious :
if only they use fresh water prawns... ^_^

teckiee :
prices are economical lor ~ ^_^

Nic :
din notice any ginger duck wor.... :p

wenching & esiong :
go on weekends lar can visit the flea market and also try the cupcakes... ^_^

ekeng :
so now Jackson is frying sang har min ? hahahaaa.... same type of prawns or they use the fresh water prawns ?

ekeng said...

jackson not Sang har min..but Restoran Jackson sell Sang Har Min..they used Fresh Water Prawn..Big Size One :)

ling239 said...

ekeng :
i know lar that one in Sec 17... near the day market one mar :p