Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sushi Groove @ One Utama

终于我也到 Sushi Groove 去用餐了...
Finally my turn to dine at Sushi Groove...
been passing by this restaurant numerous times and yet never bring myself to walk in
maybe it is the setting
maybe it is the review i read on the net
maybe the menu is just too confusing
but at least i should give it a try...


热绿茶 (RM3.90):
很贵哦... Photobucket
Ocha Hot (RM3.90):
so expensive...

California Roll (RM10.90):
其实我是被牛油果和 Tobiko/飛魚卵 所吸引的
很不好意思的说四种被我选中的饭团竟然有三种是有牛油果和 Tobiko (飛魚卵) 的
(Tobiko 是由飛魚卵鹽漬 而成的)
A fusion classic...
nothing special... i was attracted by the avocado and tobiko (a.k.a. flying fish roe)
and for this meal i have three out of four types of rice roll with these two ingredients !!
i must have been too excited Photobucket

Golden Gate Roll (RM14.90):
新鲜的三文鱼(鲑鱼)片, 牛油果和飛魚卵
Fresh salmon and avocado roll topped with fresh tuna
see... this also comes with avocado and tobiko Photobucket
not too bad but wonder why the tuna is so pink...

Baby Dragon Roll (RM12.90):
天妇罗虾 (炸虾), 鳗鱼和蚧柳 (蟹肉棒) 沙律饭团外面再加上牛油果片和飞鱼卵
Shrimp tempura, unagi, crab salad roll layered with avocado and tobiko
more avocado and tobiko !!
too much rice...

Extravaganza Roll (RM18.90):
三种鱼: 三文鱼(鲑鱼), 吞拿鱼(金枪鱼) 和 黄尾鱼(鮪魚? 黃鰭鮪魚?) 加上少许的乳酪
Fresh salmon, fresh tuna and fresh yellowtail with a touch of cream cheese
something very unique and colourful...
however i prefer this without the cream cheese

酿日本蘑菇 (RM7.90):
Fried Stuffed Shiitake Mushroom (RM7.90):
Japanese mushrooms stuffed with seasoned gindara and chopped onions
Gindara (銀鱈): Sablefish
maybe this is an acquired taste... which is not my type
it tasted really weird to me

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ai wei said...

tried out once a long time ago n i quite like the rolls. especially the dragon roll... love it love it

Vincent Cho said...


Precious Pea said...

I know what to have for dinner tonite...SUSHI!!

yammylicious said...

went sushi groove be4.. but i hv a bad memories thr and the night they don really serve good sushi.. end up till now i nv been groove anymore

Nic (KHKL) said...

i lurve your intro! sounds like a song...i think the dishes are reasonably priced as compared to some sushi restaurants. aiyoh, so much avocado! haha!

Jun said...

somehow sushi groove nvr appealed to me after looking over its menu. i think i still like sushi zanmai :>

Henry Yeo said...

do they offer unlimited refills for the ocha?

lotsa maki, where's are the nigiris?

ekeng said...

ehhhhh...the Baby Dragon Roll served with too much rice..i love Avacado too :)

ling239 said...

ai wei ;
the dragon roll is not bad... ^_^

Vincent :
两个, 四个或是六个...
总之不会是自己一个 XD

Precious Pea :
home made ? ^_^

yammylicious :
hmm... it will be quite awhile before i go back to this place again

Nic :
not as poetic as u and lyrical lemongrass... ^_^
kena avocado poision d XD

Jun :
that is a better choice any time ^_^

Henry :
yes, free refill of ocha...
i was drown by lots of tobiko and avocado @_@

ekeng :
i dun like rice.... =.="

Jun said...

oh haha u agree too? ok maybe we can meet up thr the next time when i'm around. dun be shy lah! ;p

Kherly said...

This is Kherly !!!!!!!!~

Kherly said...

This is something to share with you