Sunday, December 23, 2007

Pappa Kopitiam @ Kota Damansara

到 Kota Damansara 去逛逛的新发现...
结果觉得这家 Pappa Kopitiam 蛮不错的就试一试咯
别的就下次吧 ~ Photobucket
A drive to Kota Damansara with new discoveries...
we notice there are at least 4 pan-mee shops at the new area and several new kopitiams popping up there
so we based on where we find a parking lot and eat at the nearest shop looks new and exciting to us Photobucket
we decided on Pappa Kopitiam and notice just diagonally across the junction there is another similar kopitiam, maybe next round ~

The menu and order form:
very similar to Old Town White Coffee...
just tick on the yellow piece of order form and pass to the waiter

While waiting for our food we look around and notice there are also outdoor seating...

荔枝西瓜冰沙 (RM6.90):
Lychee Cooler (RM6.90):
Lychee Watermelon Sorbet
something refreshing and yummy ~

冰柠檬茶 (RM3.80):
Iced Lemon Tea (RM3.80):

海南"掺" (RM3.20):
Hainam Cham (RM3.20):
more expensive then our average kopitiam
and we find the one served at Oriental Cravings tastes better

椰浆饭 (RM7.80):
Nasi Lemak (RM7.80):
comes with a big piece of rendang chicken
we find this just a very normal one and the sambal is not flavoursome

怡保鲜虾鸡丝河粉 (RM7.90):
也可以选只是鲜虾的, 鸡丝的, 或是鲜虾鸡丝的
有两只中型的鲜虾和蛮多的鸡丝 Photobucket
Ipoh Prawn and Chicken Koay Teow Soup (RM7.90):
you can have the option of prawn only, chicken only or prawn with chicken
with difference pricing of cos...
this is very tasty and the soup is not oily at all
served with two medium size prawns and shredded chicken

亚三叻沙 (RM6.50):
Assam Laksa (RM6.50):
very very thick and flavoursome assam laksa...
the soup is more like a assam fish gravy thick and solid

炸鱼和薯条 (RM9.80):
如果因为不想吃饭而叫了这个的就有点糟糕咯 Photobucket
Pappa Fish & Chip (RM9.80):
the fish and chip is served with fried rice and a sunny side up...and very little fries
everybody was very surprise to see the fried rice but non of us asked why since it was not mentioned in the menu ~
so for those who thought they can order this and escape rice... too bad Photobucket
the fish looked a bit burnt but it was ok just need to "peel" of the layer of flour will do
taste wise not too bad

名片/Name Card:

Pappa Kopitiam
2-1 Jalan PJU 5/5
Dataran Sunway
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 603 6141 7128


david santos said...

Nice posting, thank you.

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Kenny said...

它的怡保鲜虾鸡丝河粉跟"old town white coffee"的蛮像, 可以说是一样.

Nic (KHKL) said...

the laksa looks so thick and rich! more like assam fish?? as long as it's sour and spicy, i'll be happy...haha! slurp, slurp...

Jackson said...

another kopitiam!! The assam laksa looks good! Thick!!

Big Boys Oven said...

Hainam Cham at RM3.20 sounds a bit expensive ... across the road of pappa kopitiam would cost half the!

Merry Christmas and Happ New Year!

MeiyeN said...

food here looks good! thanks for introducing this place yah... wishing you and your loved ones a happy christmas! :)

ekeng said...

Mmmmm...i like the Nasi Lemak and the Lychee Cooler..Good Combination..

Pappa Kopitiam...why not Mama Kopitiam ler..? hahaha..

Ling,Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to u..Wish you have a good year ahead.

best wishes,

wenching & esiong said...

Wow, the assam laksa really looks thick as you mentioned. Feel like trying it out!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

ling239 said...

david santos:
tks ~
Happy new year to u too ^_^

Kenny :
份量比 old town white coffee 多点~ ^_^

Nic :
hahaha.... it is tasty ^_^

Jackson :
there are so many of them around that area now... XD

Big Boys Oven :
u meant Pak Li ? my sis said the toast is lousy ~ =.="

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to u too ^_^

MeiyeN :
same to you...
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~ ^_^

ekeng :
near to u too, go try lar hahahaaaa...

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you too ~ ^_^

wenching & esiong ;
maybe after ur trip to Taiwan ? Happy holidays ~ ^_^

Simon said...

You should try their Chicken Chop, very yummy. I setup the POS system in the Klang branch so get free lunch and dinner while I was there.

ling239 said...

Simon :
wow... very lucky of u ~ ^_^
will try that chicken chop during my next trip there, tks ~

Amie said...

Wow the Hainam charcoal toasted bread is simply the best in town. Pls tried it with their Kaya and butter.Suppose to be eaten one piece at a time.Yummy and I just keep going again 3 night in a row.

Anonymous said...

I reccommend all to try the Pappa Asam Laksa go with Pappa Chendol. Very nice full of sardin and got standard so no need to go to Penang. Simply very yummy.

Anonymous said...

The curry laksa at 888 at the other end of kota is better la.

ling239 said...

Anonymous :
i find the curry laksa at 888 very very oily, too oily for our liking...

Lim Syau said...

i just ate their curry laksa there an hour ago, and i m findin pic of pappa kota damansara to post on my blog, u mind if i grab some of ur pic? =)

ling239 said...

Lim Syau :
it is alright if you provide a link back to my blog ^_^

Henry Yeo said...

i give up, there are so many of these franchises....