Thursday, December 20, 2007

阿汕瓦煲肉骨茶 ~ Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh @ Sg Way

就走大路由 SS3 往双溪威的方向走...
我们觉得这样更方便因为店前是单程路泊车位也不容易找 ~
According to some friends this is a very famous Bak Kut Teh shop in Sg Way
always packed with customers especially during lunch time
since today is a public holiday we decided to try our luck to find this place
we are not familiar with Sg Way at all
So we use the SS3 way and ended at the open space carpark next to a Hindu Temple which we can see Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh from where we parked our car
anyway we find that more convenient as this shop is located on a one way street and parking is kinda hard to find along the road ~

我们三个刚刚好 ~
See the crowd in the shop:
We were very lucky as we were entering the shop we found a small empty table just good enough for three of us...

每一个位的瓦煲肉骨茶是包括一碗白米饭和中国茶 (RM9.50)
总数是: RM32.50
A bowl of rice and chinese tea are included for the clay pot bak kut teh priced at RM9.50 per person
however we asked for king tea/char wong therefore we have to pay extra for it...
total: RM32.50

我们叫的是小骨, 猪肠和猪肚
通常瓦煲的都是下生菜 Photobucket
The clay pot bak kut teh is served boiling hot:
we requested for small bone, pig intestine and pig stomach
so much smoke that we can hardly see what was in the pot
veggie in the clay pot is something new to us as usually cabbage is being used ~

after a few minutes when the smoke is gone we can see better...
for three pax this is lots of meat
they serve us exactly what we had requested and nothing fatty Photobucket

如果路途的遥远不是一个问题我们还是会选择到巴生去吃我们最喜欢的 直落玻璃: 历瓦煲肉骨茶
Taste wise we find it pretty good when it is still hot however when it cool off slightly there is not much flavour in it
if distance is not a problem we would still prefer to go all the way to Klang for our favourite bkt at Claypot Bak Kut Teh (bkt) ~ Teluk Pulai, Klang

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ekeng said...

Bak Kut's 2am right now..i'm so hungry...Dunno where can i order bak kut teh on this time :)

Precious Pea said...

Tried it before...but i never like veggie in my bkt. It tends to change the taste. Big no-no. I like the one in Pj Old Town.

Nic (KHKL) said...

looks like a generous portion...was the meat fresh?

TOL said...


sQuall... said...


Kenny said...

喔, 还没试过这家的肉骨茶.

teckiee said...

Aiyah.. my aunt's and my family went there a bit late after taking out family portrait. Went to the BKT near my house instead.

ling239 said...

ekeng :
hahahaa... cook those bkt instant noodle lar :p

Precious Pea :
hmm... the one in PJ old town also not bad ~ ^_^

Nic :
oh yes, fresh and tender ~ ^_^

所以一定要用瓦煲才耐热咯~ :)

也有更好的啊.... ^_^

Kenny :
还不错啦~ ^_^

teckiee :
which is the one near ur house ? good ?

Chai Hooi said...

still got one restaurant sell Bah Kut Teh at Sg. Way also....
是在SG WAY的九路...but i dun really remember the name of it...
is the road that got the after the temple one...
try it out...the soup got much more herbal taste n is nice...