Thursday, September 27, 2007

鸿城茶餐室 ~ Restoran Hong Seng @ Section 17

就在 Sports Toto 隔壁而已
而对面的开放式停车场要 RM3 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Restoran Hong Seng is located in Section 17, Petaling Jaya
next to Sports Toto so not that difficult to find however finding parking space could be a hassle as the open space carpark charges RM3 per entry ~ Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i like this Teow Chew Porridge and Rice store in this restaurant
run by an old man with two foreign workers who are very helpful
if you order with the girls you will get your food sooner...

潮洲滷鸭, 猪肉, 滷蛋, 还有猪耳朵和猪肠...
The Teow Chew ducks, pork, eggs, pig ears and intestines:

猪手 (图的左上角) 也很好吃 ~
a variety of dishes to go with rice or porridge:
the pork knuckle (top left corner) also not bad...

滷猪肉, 豆腐和滷蛋 + 饭 (RM5):
猪肉, 豆腐和蛋都是一样的煮法
猪肉都是半肥瘦的...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Pork slices, toufu and egg + rice (RM5):
the pork, toufu and egg also cooked the same style as the Teow Chew duck gravy...
the pork is so delicious not too lean and not too fat

咸菜, 豆腐和潮洲滷鸭 + 粥 (RM5):
Salted veggie, toufu and Teow Chew duck + Porridge (RM5):
the duck meat is so tender while the gravy is not too salty or thick, just nice...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

潮洲滷鸭和滷蛋 + 粥 (RM4.40):
Teow Chew duck and egg + Porridge (RM4.40):

生意超好的 ~
Other than the Toew Chew porridge and rice store the chicken rice store is also very popular...

烧肉, 烧鸡腿和鸡内脏 +饭 (RM6):
This is the roast pork, roast chicken drumstick and chicken giblets + Rice (RM6):
the juicy roast pork with crispy skin is so yummy...


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the teo cheow duck does look quite yummy wor..but the pork is not lean at all..opposite la..quite fatty..

MeiyeN said...

wow......da beancurds!!! i love those beancurds! where's this place? hmmmm pj where?

ling239 said...

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
the duck is juicy and tender...
the pork is nicely layered leh five flower meat wor :p

at section 17, near the day market next to the open space carpark (formerly Sentosa Cinema which was burnt down many many years ago) on the same row of shops there is a Caring pharmacy and also a Sports toto shop, the side of this shop is facing CIMB bank at the corner of another row of shoplots. ^_^

Jun said...

eh!!! this is one of my fav teochew porridge stalls!!! it holds dear memories of me and my dad-- it was the stall where my dad got me hooked on the fried fish (u shud try it-- it's addictive haha). yeah the uncle's reli friendly too, and regards u as "family" more so if u spoke teochew (which my dad does hehe) ;>

ling239 said...

give me 5 !! ^_^
too bad me know no Teow Chew if not probably will get better deals hahahaaaaa...... :p

bayi said...

If you like curry laksa, try the curry noodles here. They are delicious~! The owner is Steven Kong and it's a husband and wife team. They use excellent quality ingredients and are very fussy about hygiene.