Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Champs (3) ~ Damn Shiok Bistro

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Back to The Champs at Centre Point, Bandar Utama

Fusion Pasta @ Champs ~

香蒜辣椒意粉配上蘑菇, 海鲜和烟肉 (RM24):
Vongole with fresh shitake mushroom seafood cooked with bacon to perfection with a dash of Asian touch. (Slightly Spicy) recommended spaghetti (RM24):

下的料比意粉多... star
除了蘑菇和烟肉 还有乌贼, 虾和蛤蜊
Served with lots and lots ingredients...
there are mushrooms, squids, prawns, clams and bacon
hardly see the spaghetti ~

非常美味可口 ~
and the best part of this is the bacon are in big pieces
so flavoursome and delicious... Photobucket

现在是一碗 RM20.90... Photobucket
Btw the popular 'Damn Shiok' Hokkien Prawn Mee has gone up to RM20.90 per bowl...

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Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, the name is quite funny too, Damn Shiok!!!

Henry Yeo said...

jacking up the price? not that bad, wait until they start insisting that you have to order the dish by appointment 1 month beforehand.

ET女子 said...


backstreetgluttons said...

Our friend really has got nerves of steel to raise the price to more than RM20, or is that still too cheap for his Emperor Version ?

we are absolutely amazed he is still there !

mimid3vils said...

too pricey for me ~~ RM20+ for prawn mee =_="

Shell (貝殼) said...


Jun said...

i see the amount of seafood oso i damn shiok edi ;p

十六夜真人 said...


ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
yes, that is their signature for the prawn mee ~ ^_^

Henry :
one month waiting list for prawn mee ? no need gua...>.<"

ET女子 :

backstreetgluttons :
well, the prawn mee still served in a big bowl with lots of ingredients...:p

mimid3vils :
well, there are big prawns and small prawns, pork ribs, pork slices, lots of kangkung and bean sprouts... u decide ~ ^_^

Shell :
几时去吃...? ^_^

Jun :
see only wor, no need to eat meh ? where can...:p

十六夜真人 :
哈哈...几时做了放上来看看 ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

i lurve the pork and prawn noodle at champs!!! all prices go up or just the prawn noodle ar?

your vongole looks so much better than the one i had last time. dry and got bacon. i dont think i got bacon leh, last time...hmm....

Fatty Jean said...


ling239 said...

Nic :
i only notice the prawn mee as that is the most frequently ordered items mar...^_^

yer... why urs no bacon leh ? maybe that time cheaper ? :p

Fatty Jean :
还有猪肉片和排骨哦 ~ ^_^

Henry Yeo said...

how about prawn mee made with tiger lobsters from Australia Barrier reef?

Jun said...

if i can eat, more shiok! (and if u belanja, super shiok! XD)

ling239 said...

Henry :
looking forward to that...^_^
are u cooking ?

Jun :
i am also waiting for ppl to buy me :p