Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rak Thai

因为 JL 要到 Amcorp Mall 去拿她那修改好了的长裤
第一次在 Rak Thai 吃
Since JL need to go pick up her pants after alteration at one of the boutique at Amcorp Mall
we had decided to have our lunch there as well...
first time at Rak Thai
kinda crowded during lunch time
luckily only two of us
so we still managed to get a small table

Bright color neon sign at the Entrance:

Prices are quite reasonable...
we were thinking food cant be too bad since the restaurant is so full of ppl

They claimed to be the best and this is the proof:

柠檬茶 (RM2)
Iced Lemon Tea (RM2):

黄梨炒饭 (RM6)
JL 说她不喜欢饭里的豆豆和黄姜的味道太重了

Pineapple Fried Rice (RM6):
according to JL she doesn't like it with green pea and the kunyit taste is too strong for her liking
i was a bit worried when i saw the prawns she has in her rice so tiny...
i quickly grab the menu and check out the picture again
luckily the prawns look different for her fried rice and my yee mee, phew !!

海鲜东炎 (RM4)
可是 JL 说她很喜欢结果我就再叫多一碗咯
我比较喜欢前几天到 Black Canyon Coffee 去吃的...
Tom Yam Seafood (RM4):
actually we are supposed to share this
but since JL likes it so much i had decided to order another one for myself
but i dun like it
still prefer the one i had the other day at Black Canyon Coffee...

为什么 JL 都吃了一大半我的伊面和绿茶才送到...
i dunno why i got my drink and food so much later than JL...
she is almost half way done with her pineapple rice when i finally got my yee mee and green tea

绿茶 (RM1)
Green Tea (RM1):
why is my green tea yellow ?

淡水虾伊面 (RM8)
Fried Yee Mee with Fresh Water Prawns (RM8):
i am so impressed by this yee mee...
so delicisous and the size of the prawns, yummy!!
for RM8 i would said this is worth the price

这家餐厅不必给税的哦 ~
hmm.... no taxes ~

Rak Thai
Amcorp Mall
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7958 4528


CFW said...

I went there last week but didn't realise got this shop 1 ???? Maybe the entrance too grand & I thought it will be expensive.... Btw, did u notice the Uncle X restaurant(forgotton the name, I think it's call Uncle something or so) that we went last time now "business growing big" already, taken up all the space of the antique shop behind it. And they are very hi-tech liao, using a HAND-HELD device to take order. But unfortunately doesn't really help to make things faster because not enough waiter... Food quality wise, so so only. Most food are pre-cooked, they just set it up on the place/bowl and serve.

ling239 said...

hahahaaaa... surprisingly the price is quite reasonable, maybe you should try it there during your next visit ^_^
yeah, i remember that shop which we went to quite some time back, and i notice it had expanded tremendously...