Thursday, January 24, 2008

海外天大饭店 ~ Restoran Oversea (Imbi) Sdn Bhd

到燕美律的海外天大饭店吃晚餐 ~
Dinner @ Oversea Restaurant, Jalan Imbi

i wonder why it is without 's'... Photobucket

Table setting:

Chopped garlic and three different types of chili:

花生 (RM3):
Braised Peanut (RM3):

豉油皇干煎虾碌 (RM54):
Fresh Water Prawns with Dark Soya Sauce (RM54):
The prawns are very fresh...with sweet and succulent meat

竟然被我吃到又大又鲜美的虾羔!! Photobucket
and i was so surprised to find the bright red and solid prawn roe, yummy!!

圣瓜豆腐 (RM12):
Signature Beancurd (RM12):
one of the must-order dish
the beancurd is soft and flavoursome...

清蒸顺壳鱼 (RM68.40):
应该是不超过 3公斤被开边的顺壳鱼
Steamed Soon Hock (RM68.40):
We were quite disappointed with this Soon Hock fish
the meat is soft and not those solid and bouncy type...
must be a small fish below 3kg

姜茸魭鱼 (RM18):
也是这里的招牌菜哦 ~
非常的好吃哦... Photobucket
Steamed Grass Carp (RM18):
Another signature dish at Oversea ~
the ginger and garlic are chopped rather than blend-till-smooth type
very different from those we get every where else...
this is absolutely delicious

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ekeng said...

Wah...The prawn roe...Yummm Yummm...I love Steamed Soon's the best fish i think :)

Hazza said...

I have been to quite a few of these Overseas restaurants and have always been happy with the food. Imo, its one of those restaurants you will never be disappointed with, although you wont be amazingly impressed either!

aim said...

wowwww..... yummy blog ....
fresh prawn .... ummmmmm

Nice to meet you ...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

the prawns is the signature dish here..really really shiok!..

~Christine~Leng said...

ooo... the prawn looks good!

New Kid on the Blog said...

I've been to this Oversea before, but that was dont know how many donkey years ago... the food is marvelous there.

ling239 said...

ekeng :
pure luck !! hahahaaa... i wonder when will be the next time i get such delicious prawn roe ~

Hazza :
i miss their tim sum so much when they were in Central Market...

aim ;
glad to know u too...
tks for dropping by ~ ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
fresh and delicious but expensive too... :p

yes, yes, yes ^_^

New Kid on the Blog :
miss the kampung chicken with sharks fin so much....

Nic (KHKL) said...

gosh, i was when i was still a little boy...i remember that prawns dish...very tasty! the soya sauce from the soon hock also very should try the braised pork belly next with mantou, very good!

ling239 said...

Nic :
braised pork belly? ok ok will keep that in mind ~ tks ^_^