Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sudu @ KL Hilton (4)

自助晚餐 @ 吉隆坡希尔顿
之前已经发过关于前菜和甜品 大致上都没什么不同
这一次就只发这一款我觉得蛮特别又好吃的主菜... Photobucket
Buffet Dinner @ Sudu, KL Hilton
As usual we choose our mains from the menu while the appetisers and desserts are served buffet style ~
Since i had posted earlier on the buffet appetizers and some desserts
this round only on a main which i find quite exciting and delicious...

烟熏三文鱼 (RM89):
当我在餐牌里看到这款主菜时觉得很好奇... 烟熏三文鱼和蕎麥面的主菜? Photobucket
他说不是...不是, 是一大块的三文鱼
一大块的烟熏三文鱼? 我还是想象不到...
原来是这个样子的 ~
Smoked Salmon (RM89):
When i read about this in the menu i was very curious... "smoked salmon" with soba as a main ?
so i asked the waiter if they come in slices on the soba
and he said no, no, no... it is a big piece of salmon
erm... big piece of SMOKED SALMON ? i still can't imagine it...
so this is how it looks like ~

厨师说... 这一大块的三文鱼是烟熏制的
鱼块下面是沙拉, 上面是蕎麥面和海苔
而里面的鱼肉是美味多汁的哦 ~
The salmon is smoked... according to the chef
serve with some salad at the bottom of the salmon and topped with some soba with seaweed
the salmon is dry on the outside with slightly crispy skin
while the meat is juicy and delicous ~ Photobucket

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sQuall said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

i like this kinda fusion concept...but i would have preferred more soba though...and coat the salmon with miso paste instead of smoking!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

one person eat ar?? how come only 1 main meal..

i heard the frangipani smoked salmon is also a special

Simon Seow said...

Long time didn't see any hotel posting already. But RM 89 for a piece of salmon, is kinda pricey for me. RM 89 for pan-seared froe gras on duck breast is ok for me. LOL.

SPIV said...

how inviting.

nice blog u have here(=

ekeng said...

Smoked Salmon?? Hmmm..but it look like teppanyaki salmon..haha :)

Hazza said...

Rather small main course... was it smoked fresh or brought in already-smoked? Lovely presentation, hope, together with the side dishes, the dinner was filling enough.

ling239 said...

sQuall :
那就趁早咯 ~ ^_^

Nic :
that would be very Japanese d hahahaa.... ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
no lar, but the steak and cod fish posted earlier d, dun want to repeat... ^_^

Simon :
not forgetting the appetizers and desserts available buffet style ~ ^_^

thank you ~ ^_^

ekeng :
yeah, like grilled...

Hazza :
Good enough for us, as the appetizers and desserts are buffet style ~ ^_^