Tuesday, January 15, 2008

记得食 ~ K.T.Z. Food (2)

说到糖水和小吃大家都会想到的 ~ 记得食
现在在 One Utama New Wing 也有分店咯...
位于二楼靠近 Rainforest 也就是 港士港啡 的位置对上两层
A very well known tong sui (sweet soup) and dessert place now available at One-Utama New Wing ~
It is located two floors above ChatterBox near Rainforest and kinda hidden from the shoppers in the mall...


Table Setting:

鸳鸯龙眼冰 (RM3.80):
Sam 说味道不错很清凉
Ying Yang Longan Ice (RM3.80):
not mine... according to Sam she said this is very refreshing

芝蔴糊+红豆沙 (RM3):
哈哈... 这蛮适合我的
我最爱红豆沙和芝蔴糊... 幸好两样加在一起味道也不错 Photobucket
Black Sesame + Red Bean (RM3):
hahahaaaa... a very good idea for ppl like me who cant decide which tong sui i would like to have
so now i can have both in the same bowl ~
this combination is pretty good since both are my fav...

芝蔴糊 (RM3):
Black Sesame (RM3):
if the tong sui/sweet soup is not the combination of any two it serves with two tong yuen

肉鬆椒盐茄子 (RM6):
茄子是炸过的带脆而不油腻... 很好吃
Pepper + Salt Egg Plant (RM6):
this is highly recommended !
the egg plant/brinjal is not oily and slightly crispy... very delicious Photobucket

铁公鸡 (RM4.80):
Chicken Boxing (RM4.80):
from the look it is like coated with very thick flour but it is not... cool ~

炸芋仔 (RM6):
Zha Yu Zai (RM6):
Something very similar to wu kok but with salted egg yolk as filling...
as the size is kinda small cant really taste the yam

鸳鸯小丸子 (RM4):
Ying Yong Tong Yuen (RM4):
comes in two flavours
the peanut coating ones are with peanut fillings
while the coconut coating ones are with water chestnut fillings...

Address and phone number:

L-F345a 1st Floor
1 Utama
Tel: 603 7728 8499

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yammylicious said...

mm~ damn long time i nv visit KTZ already! i miss thm! i miss their pan friend dumpling! slurp!

wmw said...

Haven't gone to this branch but I normally eat at One Noodle (also KTZ group) in SS2 which serves dishes too (apart from the smaller KTZ outlet at the other SS2 area). I like to order the Chin Tui. Very nice.

林韋君(Carol) said...



Jun said...

did the tong yuen hav any filling inside? somehow i still prefer the original stall in kepong, by the roadside *hehe*

Kent Fo said...

omg omg... KTZ ....my favourite neh....i like the rice ball "tang yuan" so much...and the Sesame WU...haha..

monsieur ck
[New Year, New Life, New Journey for Food!]
[go and visit my food journey blog http://kent1992.blogspot.com]

Kenny Leong said...

eggplant with meat fross... Hmm^^
i can imagine the taste now *slups*

HairyBerry said...

how times have changed! i remember having their tong sui and yam cake by the roadside at kepong donkey years back...haha...is that meat floss on the brinjal? the 2 tong yuen looks attractive, eh? :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah fried eggplants!! favourite..i reckon 1 plate not enuf

ling239 said...

yammylicious :
now that they have so many outlets more convenient for us ~ ^_^

wmw :
One Noodle also belongs to KTZ group? din know abt it... tks ^_^

求樂 :
你好... 谢谢你的支持
我会去看看的 ^_^

Jun :
oops... the tong yuen with black sesame fillings ~
in Kepong there is one at the roadside while another at the shoplot mar ^_^

kent :
give me five ! ^_^

Kenny :
very delicious oh ~ ^_^

Nic :
yes those are meat floss, cool eh ? ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
then u order one for urself no need to share with others lor ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

long time din't visit K.T.Z alr...

ekeng said...

it's time to revisit again...hehe..u wanna join me?

ling239 said...

sQuall ;
at least now u dun have to go all the way to Kepong ~ ^_^

ekeng :
but u working on nightshift one wor... :p

Anonymous said...

Do try the mee hoon soup with garoupa fish slices (班腩米线). It has generous servings of fish slices with nice soup that cooked with chinese wine.

New Kid on the Blog said...

ai yo... when I was there, I didnt see this outlet keh???!!!! I miss their dessert so much.

ling239 said...

Anonymous :
tks for the recommendations ~ ^_^
would appreciate if you could leave a name...

New Kid on the Blog :
they are kinda hidden... =.="