Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tappers @ Jaya One

又到 Jaya One 去咯...
Back to Jaya One...
how not to call this place my second home Photobucket


They also serve set lunch:

所有的套餐都包括一杯咖啡, 茶或是汤
All set meals come with choices of coffee or tea or soup:
all of us decided to have the soup...
this tomato soup is quite tasty with lots of veggie

Nasi Dagang Ayam (RM7.50):
道地的登加楼煮法鸡肉, 还有 achar 和炸脆饼
Authentic Trengganu ayam dagang with achar and keropok
whether it is authentic or not i am not quite sure
but the chicken is tender and not spicy

Nasi Dagang Ikan (RM7.50):
和之前的一样, 这是鱼的
similar to the chicken version, but this is fish, with achar and keropok
there is also a halved hard boiled egg
the fish is a little on the hard side...

Tappers Soya Chicken Rice (RM7):
Tappers 的秘方豉油鸡
Marinated and cooked in Tappers own home made recipe
the chicken is flavoursome and not too salty...

Nasi Rendang Kambing (RM7.50):
冷当羊肉饭和 achar
一点都不辣 味道还有点淡...
Spicy dry mutton curry with white rice and achar
this is not spicy at all and tasted quite plain

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Akira 思胜 said...

Eh, the rice is same like nasi kandar lor... hehe...

Anonymous said...

u really love t visit Jaya One...
i love too..haha~~

Shell (貝殼) said...

I've been to this restaurant before and found that the choice are very limited.Don't u agree?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hahah so i will surely bump into u if i go jaya 1?

Henry Yeo said...

think i will have to join yoga classes soon to learn to stretch properly.

still interested in Iketeru?

Jun said...

wah, looks like u have a lot of 2nd homes hor? hilton, shangri-la, and now tappers... XD

choi yen said...

They mainly sell Malay food?

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
but cant fight with those u get in Penang lar...^_^

squall :
maybe we sat next to each other before ? hahahaaaa....

Shell (貝殼) :
yes, but prices are cheap...:p

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
maybe hahahaaa.... second home mar ^_^

Henry :
yes, but not so soon >.<"

Jun :
dun lar like that... :p

mimid3vils :
mostly local food ~ ^_^

wmw said...

Eh, too bad the mutton is not outstanding. I like mutton :o)

HairyBerry said...

aiyer, i so jealous with all your nice lunches lar...haha! me always mixed rice only ;(

and i still get confused between jaya one and jaya 33...haha!

ling239 said...

wmw :
mutton have to go find mamak wor...:p

Nic :
i eat chap-fun tat time din show u mar hahahaaaa....:p
Jaya 33 smaller lor, parking damn limited and expensive...
Jaya One much bigger, lots of parking bays ~ and chances are u might get lost in it hahahaaaaa...
oh, if u see Coffee Bean at the main entrance, that is Jaya 33
Starbucks is at Jaya One ^O^