Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Mimi 那儿看到漂亮的杯子蛋糕
向她问清楚了地点就找时间去买... Photobucket
Read about this at Mimi's dining room
after finding out the location of this shop from her
we cant wait to get some of these really pretty cupcakes ~

这家位于 Damansara Uptown 的店也不难找
和 Telekom 同一排, 也就是渣打银行后面, 面向着住宅区的那一排店铺
This shop is located in Uptown area
same row as Telekom, or behind Standard Chartered Bank, which is also facing the houses
travelling along that one way street just look out for a black canopy with a white giant cupcake design on top...

直径大概是 2cm
一盒里有 49个要 RM50
很可爱适合生日, 聚会或是送礼...
i saw these on display:
mini cupcakes approx 2cm in diameter
a box of 49 for RM50
good for birthdays, parties, or gift Photobucket

The packaging for take-away:

love the shining box
the sticker on top is so sweet and pretty...

这杯子蛋糕直径大概是 4cm
Four in a box:
the cupcakes are approx 4cm in diameter
which is quite small for the price...

Maxi 系列的杯子蛋糕...
蜜蜂造型的 (RM3.80):
From the Maxi Cuppacakes range...
Honey Bee (RM3.80):
just a normal cupcake with decorative frosting

薄菏与巧克力粒 (RM3.80):
Mint and Chocolate Chip (RM3.80):
only the thin green layer is mint flavour which gives a cooling feel in the mouth when eating this
unfortunately no choc chip is found in the cupcake...

草莓口味的 (RM3.80):
Strawberry (RM3.80):
when i saw this in the display counter there is tiny red heart on top of the frosting
but when i got home i cant find the tiny heart any where...
again a very simple cupcake with strawberry flavour frosting

皇家巧克力 (RM4.50):
不会太甜... 很浓的巧克力味道
体积却是比 我上一次吃的 小一半
Royal Chocolate (RM4.50):
from the royal cuppacakes range...
Chocolate frosting on Chocolate cupcake
not too sweet... and full of chocolate flavour
this is abt half the size of what i had earlier

因为都很小所以觉得贵了点 Photobucket
Generally the cupcakes are soft
the frosting being the frosting which is supposed to be sweet is sweet
all of them are very pretty looking and expensive... as the cupcake is really small

名片/Name card:


mimi said...

I love the decoration icing...always so adorable.....

bunbun said...

There is so much to love about these cupcakes! I love the name wondermilk, too cute, and the take home boxes are adorable, the cupcakes look so yummy!!!!!!

Ooooh I am jealous!!!! I wish we had Wondermilk here sooooooo badly!

ai wei said...

i hav read bout wondermilk from papers. they come out with pretty decorated cuppies. but are they sweet?! i hv tried a few cuppies (from others) that really disappointed me...

ai wei said...
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kent said...

omg....variety of cupcakes, but so sad, really too far leh...haihz...~~~ no hopes to owned this variety of cupcakes!!!

Jun said...

the cakes do look pretty on their website, but i heard taste-wise they're only mediocre..

Precious Pea said...

So cute and sweet!

Cutie said...

It looks pretty but I somehow always feel these cupcakes doen't taste good except for the pretty looking only...

squall said...

look cute and pretty...but sometimes taste so so only..

JOjo said...

I think i've seen their website before but 4cm in diameter? a lil bit small...

Nic (KHKL) said...

cute and colourful but...wah, 4 cm is very small leh...but how does the cake taste like ar?

ling239 said...

mimi :
they are very pretty indeed. ^_^

bunbun :
maybe u can bake some too ? ^_^

ai wei :
very normal one ~

kent :
near ur cousin's YTF shop leh...:P

Jun :
correct !

Precious Pea :
and that's abt all...

Cutie :
agree >.<"

squall :
expensive also....

JOjo :
it is very small...

Nic :
ok only lar...

Anonymous said...

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