Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Robert Harris Cafe Kuala Lumpur (3)

位于 One Utama 新翼的 Robert Harris Cafe
Robert Harris Cafe @ One Utama...

蘑菇汤 (RM4.99):
味道嘛... 就是蘑菇汤的味道咯 ~
Mushroom Soup (RM4.99):
usually this is done with button mushroom
but here we get abalone mushroom instead
still taste like mushroom soup though ~

BBQ 鸡 (RM12.99):
配菜有莴苣, 稍微烤过的蕃茄和黄梨 BBQ 酱
BBQ Chicken (RM12.99):
Serves with lettuce, lightly grilled tomato and mashpotato at the bottom, with pineapple cubes in bbq sauce Photobucket
the chicken drumstick is nicely grilled to golden brown on the skin while the meat is still juicy

茄汁海鲜意粉 (RM14.99):
保持水准 和上一次吃的没差... Photobucket
Seafood Pasta (RM14.99):
served with lots and lots of seafood in tomato paste
standard maintained and no regrets ~

温水一杯: RM0.50
Warm water @ RM0.50/glass

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Jun said...

u know, i've always wanted to try the food here, but just never got to it cos every time i go back, there seems to be new places to makan in 1-U ;p

ling239 said...

Jun :
i know what u meant...
unless u r like me, go to One-U at least once a week type ~ :p

team bsg said...

u have now forced us to walk into this fantastic shopping mall with all these kind of exciting eateries with great names beginning tomorrow .

squall said...

the BBQ chicken look nice....

mimi said...

quite weird hor...abalone mushroom in mushroom soup...

Nic (KHKL) said...

one thing that i like about robert harris is the huge portion of food! and the fact that we'll always get a place to sit, with a good view...hehehe

如果 said...

wow~looks very delicious!Food is all around in ur blog.

M.KATE said...

i am food junkie..so this is an absolute great source for reference, tks for sharing:)

bunbun said...

great photos and I love your song! Beautiful!

ling239 said...

team bsg :
happy hunting...
looking forward to ur posts ~ ^_^

squall :
it is delicious ^_^

mimi :
yalor, luckily taste not weird hahahaaa...

Nic :
what is ur fav food there ?

如果 :
yes, these are the restaurants i visited ~ ^_^

hope u like it ~ ^_^

bunbun :
this is the 2008 China Olympic Song... ^_^

Nic (KHKL) said...

i like the lamb dishes there...HUGE portions..hehe..there's pan fried lamb...and lamb shank if i remember correctly :)