Thursday, April 24, 2008

Eest @ The Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

晚餐 @ The Westin 的 Eest ~
Dinner at Eest, The Westin

可以望到 Pavilion 外的小花园...
View from the window seat:
the park next to Pavilion...


海胆烧卖 (RM24):
鲜虾和鸡肉馅再加上飞鱼卵和少许的海胆... star
Prawn, Chicken and Sea Urchin "Siew Mai" (RM24):
Siew Mai with prawn and chicken stuffing topped with some flying fish roe and a tiny bit of sea urchin...

富有弹性的鲜虾增加了嚼劲... 好吃
freshly steamed and slightly bigger than our average siew mai
the sea urchin portion is tiny but still able to taste it...
the bouncy prawn give a bit of chew to this ~ delicious

黑块菌鲜虾饺 (24):
Prawn and Black Truffle "Har Gau" (RM24):

very thin and translucent skin...

the whole prawn is fresh and succulent...

餐牌里还有很特别的各式各样炒, 烧烤和蒸的菜肴 ~
The menu for wok, grill and steam dishes is very interesting ~
each type of seafood, beef, mutton or poultry with different style of cooking comes with a recommended complementary veggie, however we are also given a choice to swap the veggie...

日本扇贝 + 野蘑菇 (RM55):
超大的扇贝是用 XO 酱烹调
心里在盘算着要再来多几次 ~
Japanese Scallops + Wild Mushroom (RM55):
Huge and fresh Japanese Scallops in XO sauce
the recommended veggie is asparagus, but i prefer wild mushroom...
the scallops are huge and fresh !!
this is very very good must come back for more ~ Photobucket

大虾 + 芥兰 (RM80):
这个也很不错哦 ~
Prawns + Kai Lan (RM80):
Garlic soy glaze prawns with a choice of veggie
the recommended veggie is lettuce but we change it too kai lan instead
this is also very good ~

XO 酱海鲜炒饭 (RM35):
够锅气... 带蛋香味的炒饭
XO Fried Rice with Seafood (RM35):
lots of chopped scallops and fresh prawns
with good wok-hei and egg fragrance fried rice

The Study of Durian (RM20):
炸春卷, 焦奶油, 甜甜圈, 薄煎饼和雪糕
榴槤雪糕很滑没有榴槤肉的... 还好
A spring roll, a burnt cream, a doughnut, a pancake and ice cream
since we are not interested in the doughnut version we requested for two durian pancakes instead...
the spring roll with durian filling is very crispy but a bit oily
the durian ice cream is smooth but without durian flesh...

the burnt cream is not too bad but very small portion...
served in a saucer

kinda disappointed with the durian pancakes

觉得 The Gardens 的好多了 ~
it is flat and small
the taste of durian flesh is also no good
still prefer the one at The Gardens

铁观音 RM7/一个位
Ti Kuan Yin @ RM7/pax

The Westin Kuala Lumpur
199 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 2773 8338


Shell (貝殼) said...

ehh, nice la..i would like to try the Black Truffle "Har Gau" one next

team bsg said...

nice name of the east and west !
must be a classy place . fried rice looks so fresh with the scallop must be a killer dish

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wah the discount card again ar..

luxury dim sum man...uni and truffles..

mimi said...

It's luxury man..... >_<

JeromeFo- 杰龙 said...

You are so rich!
Went to Westin Hotel puLak =S

Henry Yeo said...

I go Iketeru only 1 a month, want to up it as soon as I hit the lottery and tuck the money away into a Japanese dining fund.

PS: you can go westin, sure can go hilton.

squall said...

so nice...i wan hau gau!!!

Jun said...

"a study of durian"...?? hmm... quirky name. so, have u graduated with honors yet? *hehe*

Nic (KHKL) said...

wow! har gau and black truffle!! sounds really good!...the skin looks really good too! i must try to get the starwood card lar before i dare to enter tis place..haha!

^柠檬茶走糖^ said...

i did my kitchen internship training there few year ago.
i like eest concept, a show kitchen..
yet food is good and nice .. the study of durian is nice to eat

ling239 said...

Shell (貝殼) :
not the siew mai ? :p

team bsg :
yes, with the wok-hei and fresh seafood it had to be good ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
yes, this is Starwood ~
u got ur Hilton card yet ?

mimi :
erm if u have the card it is kinda affordable ~

JeromeFo- 杰龙 :
once in awhile lor ^_^

Henry :
been to Hilton many times d mar :p

squall :
that one good oh... ^_^

Jun :
i give them fail for the pancake >.<"

Nic :
yalor without the card a bit "siong" ler...:p

^柠檬茶走糖^ :
unfortunately the durian pancake is not as good ~

Simon Seow said...

ooi, expensive dim sum.

RM 20 I can buy a dozen durian pancake from the gardens.

ling239 said...

Simon :
u r right...:p

Anonymous said...

next time can try the lobster and lamp chops it's nice too :)