Thursday, October 16, 2008

Maria's @ Damansara Perdana (2)

上一次 只试了甜品
这一次我们来吃午餐咯 ~
The other time we only had the dessert
this round we go for the lunch ~

价钱是跟所选的主菜 RM15 ~ RM19
多 RM5 加个汤
多 RM3 把汽水换成咖啡或茶
Lunch Special Menu:
choose the main ranging from RM15 ~ RM19
inclusive of dessert and soft drink
additional RM5 for a soup, RM3 for exchange soft drink to coffee or tea

Soft Drink:
part of the Lunch Special

烤纽西兰羊肉 (RM19):
羊肉很嫩味道很够很好吃... Photobucket
NZ Roast Lamb (RM19):
serves in slices with steamed veggie and brown sauce
the meat is tender
tasted very flavoursome and delicious...

海鲜意粉 (RM16):
虾, 乌贼, 鱼肉块和蕃茄酱
Sicilianna Seafood Spaghetti (RM16):
a tomato base pasta with prawns, squid and fish slices
at least this is not sour...

鲜蘑菇烤鸡 (RM15):
Fresh Mushroom Chicken (RM15):
Deep fried chicken with mushroom sauce
served with salad and big fat fries
the chicken is well merinated and not too dry Photobucket

加多 RM3 的咖啡:
Add RM3 for coffee:
a good one...

很浓郁的巧克力美味... Photobucket
Dessert of the day is Chocolate Muffin:
a tiny muffin
but do not underestimate this
it is very good and rich in chocolate taste!!

提拉米苏 (RM12):
还是很好吃 ~
not forgetting our favourite dessert...
Tiramisu (RM12):
tasted really good ~ Photobucket

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Maria's @ Damansara Perdana


mimid3vils said...

Lamb chop without bone feel so weird :P

Akira 思胜 said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

woah, second time having the tiramisu! must be very nice!

hmmm, i wonder if set lunch is available on weekends as well...

New Kid on the Blog said...

I like the setting, layout, deco... so comfy.

myCoffee said...

Looks like you really know where to get the best deals for lunch! :)

ET女子 said...


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Been meaning to go here. Thanks for the preview. ;-)

Shell (貝殼) said...

有好吃@提拉米苏 !!!

安德生 said...

tiramisu!! 有时间要去试试!

squall said...

wow...nice enviroment and nice food...

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

I went to this place before.
But i only ordered the coffee iceblended.My friend like to eat their Sicilianna Seafood Spaghetti =)

Christy said...

Wow....nice place and lost of nice food:)

ling239 said...

mimid3vils :
Lamb chop :
i dun think they serve lamb chop, what we had is roast lamb ~ ^_^

Akira 思胜 :
哈哈...还不迟啊 ^_^

Nic (KHKL) :
erm... just give them a call before ur visit ? :p

New Kid on the Blog :
yes, nice place ~ ^_^

myCoffee :
no choice lar, cant be having the same thing everyday right ? :p

ET女子 :
这个是有 rum 的哦...^_^

Lyrical Lemongrass :
hope u enjoy it ~ ^_^

Shell :

安德生 :

squall :
yes! especially at night when the atmosphere is more relax and cozy ~ ^_^

JeromeFo 令狐冲 :
must remember to order their tiramisu ya ~ ^_^

Christy :
at night the environment is very cosy ~ ^_^

Jun said...

ya the choc muffin reli small, but i think the mains look substantial :)

ling239 said...

Jun :
the muffin is very small...
but taste very good!! ^_^

Simon Seow said...

A bit pricey wor. Lunch set in Palate Palette is only RM 20 ++, Starter, Entree and any drink from the menu.

ling239 said...

Simon :
but tat is in KL!
we works in PJ mar, furthest is Damansara Perdana d :p

Anonymous said...

do u have the full address of this restaurant? any landmark?

ling239 said...

Anonymous :
Please visit the link below for my previous posting which included the name card and map:

Mel said...

Hi i just heard about Maria (yes very outdated). heard they are famous for steaks and pies. Have you tried?

ling239 said...

Mel :
sorry, have not try those...
but dun miss out the tiramisu ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

I'm Maria's biggest fan :) Their black angus & wagyu steak are mouth-watering. oh oh.. pls try the lamb cutlet! my favourite :) if ur budget is tight, try the fish and chips, poultry or the pies. yum yummm. And it's true, you cant leave without their dessert. my personal favourite is tiramisu.

Mel said...

Hi Ling! Thanks for the recommendation! Brought my family to Maria's for dad's birthday. The food was great, and priced reasonably too! Dad had the wagyu steak (he said it is cheaper compared to other restaurants), mom had tomato based spaghetti set, sis had beef pie, and I had the lamb set.

It was a great experience because my family praised me for a smart recommendation HAHA. Thanks again!

ling239 said...

glad to hear that u had a great time there ~ ^_^
and tks for your support!

Anonymous said...

Maria's is having buy 3 get 1 set free lunch. ive tried it. not bad. Unfortunately, can't take away lo..