Thursday, March 20, 2008

生记茶餐室: 生虾面 ~ Sang Har Min @ Jackson

这就是 ekeng 推荐的生虾面
This is the Sang Har Min a.k.a. Fresh Water Prawn noodles with egg gravy recommended by ekeng
he said the price is reasonable and taste really good in one of my posts
so we decided to try this for supper...

位于八打灵 17区巴杀旁边的店铺:
而从招牌上看到的他们的拿手菜式应该是生虾面和福建面 Photobucket
Located along the market street at section 17:
there is one "tai chow" at the back of the restaurant serving dishes with rice or noodles
we noticed on the signboard that the signature dishes are sang har min and Hokkien style fried noodle

两个位的生虾面 (RM15):
很大的份量才 RM15 !! 够我们三个吃了...
忘了要腌青辣椒... 我们都太饿了
Sang Har Min for two (RM15):
we were very surprise to see this and was told the price is RM15!!
the portion is so big that this is enough for three of us Photobucket
a very good deal indeed with three fresh water prawns cut into halves...
and lots of veggies
but no green chilies... actually we din ask for it, too hungry d ~

the prawns are fresh and bouncy...Photobucket
the combination of koay teow and deep fried skinny noodles are also very good with the egg gravy
can see more egg than corn starch

幸好这生虾面真的很好吃... Photobucket
the only short fall is the waiting time is kinda long...
we were there after 10pm and waited for more than half an hour to get our food when the restaurant is only about half filled
but luckily the noodle is good
so no regrets ~


"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i thought jackson the flogger cooked the sang har mee..

ling239 said...

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
go ask him, maybe he has shares... ^_^

Precious Pea said...

Waahhh.....certainly looks good and RM15?? That is certainly very cheap.

mimi said...

big portion but cheap....good good!!

wenching & esiong said...

Wow, the price seems quite cheap for 3 persons. Looks delicious! But again, we're not familiar with this area.

team bsg said...

yes we have confirmed it , you really wink and...
what cute pixs !

ekeng said...

i'm surprise when you post this up..i think i must order this again..hehe :)

Kenny said...

Last time i show someone order this next to my table, tat time i tot tat fella bring his own prawn for the chef.. haha..
Thn only i know actually thy do serve this fresh prawn 'shang har min'..
cuz seldom c ppl order tis dish at the hawker stall near my plc..

Hazza said...

I have gotta try this place! I will be staying with my parents at Sectn 17 if I visit Malaysia this year. Where exactly is it? I know the place where the Sentosa cinema used to be but I couldnt place this restaurant as I cannot recall ever seeing one of those chinese prayer pondok anywhere nearby, as in your photo.

Nic (KHKL) said...

wah, RM15 is quite a good deal leh...i thought is a branch of the famous jackson hokkien mee at petaling din try the hokkien mee?

Simon Seow said...

LOL, I thought so at first, Jackson cooking up Sang Har Mee.

I always frequent this part of Section 17. Lunch go for Restoran Hong Seng Siu Yoke rice or Curry Mee, or yong tao fu, or go for Restoran Say Huat Robert's Char Kuay Tiao or the Thai fried rice. So many yummy food there.

But I haven't try the Sang Har mee in Jackson.

boo_licious said...

ooooh, must go check this out one night. I was curious on what this Restaurant Jackson serves.

ling239 said...

Precious Pea :
exactly! really worth the price...^_^

mimi :
yeah, can go more often ~ ^_^

wenching & esiong :
get ekeng to organise a trip there la... :p

team bsg :
hahahaa... yes, the onion head winks ^_^
tks for ur support ~

ekeng :
it is so good! must share with others mar ~ ^_^

Kenny :
well, i have seen ppl bringing their own prawns for cooking too, but for this shop u can just order and eat ^_^

Hazza :
this shop is located at the market street next to the old Sentosa cinema (now a carpark), on the same row of shop as the roast duck.
many years ago this shop sells fruits and durians, then became a mamak shop, now is called Jackson.
as for the chinese prayer pondok it is on the road divider... :p

Nic :
the corner Hokkien mee shop in Petaling Street is called Jackson ?
we din order Hokkien mee that night, cant eat too much for supper leh...

Simon :
i am quite familiar with all the shops u have been to too... ^_^

boo_licious :
hahaha.... tks to ekeng ~ ^_^

Hazza said...

I know where it is now, except that last time I was there, it was still a fruit shop.

ling239 said...

Hazza :
yes, that was quite long ago ~ ^_^