Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Les Toasts Bakery @ Amcorp Mall

之前这家面包店是位于八打灵 14区的 Jaya Supermarket
现在已经搬到 Amcorp Mall
从大门进入在右边 Victoria Music 前面就看到了
Previously this bakery was operating in Jaya Supermarket, Section 14
now they have shifted to Amcorp Mall operating as a kiosk...
upon entering from the main entrance they are on the right, in front of Victoria Music

包装袋子上的地址还是之前在 Jaya Shopping Centre 或是通常被称为 Jaya Supermarket 的
the outlet address and contact numbers printed on the bag still shows Jaya Shopping Centre or commonly known as Jaya Supermarket

因为这里有几种比较特别的面包如: 乌贼墨面包, 竹碳面包等等...
We usually buy bread from here as they have many types of unique bread such as squid ink bread and bamboo charcoal bread Photobucket
but this round i bought something different...

乳酪蛋奶酥 (RM4.50):
Soufflé Cheesecake (RM4.50):
the "Soufflé" cheesecake is chilled therefore i believe the name "Soufflé" is just a description to describe the fluffy-ness of this cheesecake

没两下子就搞定了 Photobucket
Very light and fluffy cheesecake
i find it even lighter than most Japanese cheesecake with a very light hint of lemon
texture very similar to a cheesey chiffon cake
can finish one in no time at all ~


ekeng said...

Awwww..i can feel the softness of the Soufflé Cheesecake...I love desserts..haha :)

squall said...

wow...so soft...must go to try this weekend...

Ecl!5oNz said...

omg omg...
i'm feeling hungry right now even i juz finished my lunch... > w <

mimi said...


Jun said...

hmm... unusual... muz remember to try this next time :>

柚子绿茶 said...

我每次是去puchong jaya的,只買面包。
昨天進到pst bdr puchong一間面包店
才發現原來在賣les toast的面包哦。。
可是它叫olive garden。

ling239 said...

ekeng :
after u come back from your holidays go eat lar ! ^_^

squall :
hope u like it too ~ ^_^

Ecl!5oNz :
well, u r supposed to have ur dessert after ur meal ~ ;p

mimi :
key board flooded ? hahahaaa...

Jun :
hopefully when u come back they have a proper shop d ~ ^_^

柚子绿茶 :

Nic (KHKL) said...

i like the name of the bakery la!! so classy..hehe

the souffle looks good and relatively affordable too...i tried one in sg (wasabi flavour!)..ok lar but S$4.00 (pengsan!)...hehe

JOjo said...

Wow~ Looks fluffy and delicious...
Was thinking of cheesecake when i saw ur post O.o"

ling239 said...

Nic :
S$4 is not cheap leh... :p
but is it good ? wasabi wor...XD

JOjo :
good timing ya.... ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Yeah, I'll be going for Oracle training in CSA from 7th - 11th April. CSA is in Amcorp Mall. Can try adi.

柚子绿茶 said...

上次只是看见店员穿着的衣服有写les toast ^^
dimilik oleh les toast sdn bhd

ling239 said...

Simon :
do try the tiramisu too... without alcohol but not bad ^_^

柚子绿茶 :
姐妹店啊... ^_^

pinkpainter said...

I had tried it too. It really awesome and the best light cheesecake i had. Somemore, it so cheap!


Anonymous said...

ling239,u got play forum at www.searchworld.org,
look like got c tis name b4..^^

say truely,i not prefer cheese,but
dunno y,
i totally like the cheese tart.
so delicious...
now not so scare cheese d.hehehehe


ling239 said...

hello... yes, this is the same person in searchworld ^_^