Sunday, March 30, 2008

弁慶 Benkay @ Hotel Nikko

A fren just received the Platinum card for Hotel Nikko
so here we go... Photobucket

记忆当中日航的日本餐厅 ~ 弁慶 曾经获得最佳日本餐厅的奖项...
我们当然不会错过啦... Photobucket
I remembered Benkay has won the award for best Japanese restaurant some time ago...
cant wait to try ~

View from the restaurant if you happened to sit next to the window:


桌上的摆设/Table setting:

Sushiya Sarada (RM35):
除了海藻, 虾, 几种鱼生片还有飞鱼卵
the seafood sashimi salad...
with seaweed, prawn, lots of fish slices and flying fish roe

可是倒进沙拉里却变得很咸... 可能倒太多了
Saseme sauce for the salad:
it is good for dipping the sashimi in
but to eat with the salad this is too salty...
maybe we poured in too much of this

Douhachi Sashimi (RM98):
一看觉得比上一次我们到 Iketeru 去吃的好很多
太小块的鱼生片放入嘴里口感就会差了点... Photobucket
comes with five types of fish
on first glace this looks very impressive we thought we had a better deal compared to the meal we had earlier at Iketeru
however upon closer inspection we realised, other than the tuna slices, the rest of the sashimi are sliced either too thinly or the pieces of fish are too small...

天妇罗软壳蟹 (RM15):
Soft Shell Crab Tempura (RM15):
tempura style so the flour is kinda thick and this is not crispy
the crabs are also not meaty

烤多春魚 (RM15):
Yaki Shishamo (RM15):
four grilled pregnant fish in a plate
the head and tail are a bit burnt but this is still good

炒蛋炸虾饭盒 (RM25):
Ebi Fry Jyu (RM25):
comes as a set served with Japanese pickles and miso soup

虾虽然是粘满面包屑炸过的 虾肉味道鲜美富有弹性
comes with three large deep-fried bread crumbs coated prawns
the prawns are fresh and the meat bouncy
while the omelette topping with onions and mushrooms is moist and flavoursome...

Japanese Ice Cream (RM17):
Green tea ice cream with red bean paste
tasted very normal ~

是在写着这帖子时才发觉的 ~
Green tea is free at this restaurant Photobucket
not stated in the receipt...
i din ask earlier as i only realised this when i am typing this post ~

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squall said...

look infront of my office...can visit after work...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow..the ice cream seems to be the most expensive item rm17??

the fish slices oozes quality..haha

JOjo said...

The fat layer of the salmon sashimi is so thick, good stuff!!!
even the tuna sashimi looks good too!

Anonymous said...

normal stuff nothing to shout about but the price is something to shout about..too expensive =.="

Hazza said...

Top class presentation. Seems a bit on the pricey side, but ingredients looks like they are worth the money.

Simon Seow said...

Let's hear for the Queen of Hotel's Restaurant. The sashimi looks fresher than Rakuzen's. Give me the salad and I'm in heaven already.

Henry Yeo said...

the sashimi slices actually look just about right, especially the albacore and kamaichi.

TOL said...


Yee said...

To me, it's looks nice!

wenching & esiong said...

I went there a few years ago. It was really expensive and the food wasn't up to expectation somehow. But one thing, the view is really really pretty as we got to sit next to the window.

Nic (KHKL) said...

I thought the Douhachi Sashimi looks pretty good...those reddish tuna got me salivating...hehe...wish i had the card...haha!

ling239 said...

squall :
if u like it better go get the card... ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving :
the ice cream not home made one some more... =.="

JOjo :
if only the slices are slightly bigger... :p

Anonymous :
hotel pricing ~

Hazza :
pricing still ok lar compare to those more expensive ones...:p

Simon :
hahahaaa... so easily satisfied meh ? ^_^

Henry :
but they are slightly smaller in size than those we usually get leh...


Yee :

wenching & esiong :
agree... nice view at the window seat ^_^

Nic :
go get one lor ~ ^_^