Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yo! Sushi @ Pavilion

一个超后悔的下午茶 ~ Yo! Sushi @ Pavilion...
这里的和 Sushi King 或是 Genki Sushi 一样食物的价钱是根据碟子的颜色来算的
A very disappointing tea time at Yo! Sushi @ Pavilion...
the concept is similiar to those at Sushi King or Genki Sushi when the color of the plates indicate the price of the food
4 of us having tea time at this sushi place and below are all we had
guess the bill ?


Table setting:

饭团 (RM5):
California Maki (RM5):

甜豆腐寿司 (RM3):
Sweet toufu sushi (RM3):
for two pieces... this is only one of them

麻糬 (RM8):
超贵的...RM8 才两个 (切成四份)
在锦伦泰一盒十个才 RM10!
Mochi (RM8):
Super expensive mochi at RM8 for two of them (cut into 4 pcs)
whereby a box of 10 at Kum Loon Tai is only RM10 !

牛油果饭团 (RM3):
Avocado Maki (RM3):
comes in four pieces actually...

鱼生寿司饭 (RM16):
很后悔要了这个... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
我以为会和我在 Sushi-Zen 吃的差不多因为价钱都一样...
就好像把几片鱼生放在白饭上吃一样 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Chirashi Don (RM16):
extremely regret for ordering this... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i thought i would get something like what i had at Sushi-Zen which costs the same...
however here the rice is hard and lack the taste of sushi rice
just like eating a few pieces of raw fish on normal white rice Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

蘑菇拉面 (RM10):
Mushroom ramen (RM10):
this is very plain and tasteless...

手卷 (RM5)
California Handroll (RM5):

三文鱼手卷 (RM8):
Salmon Handroll (RM8):

三文鱼饭团 (RM10):
Salmon Maki (RM10):
two slices of salmon on top of the california maki and it costs RM5 per piece...
dun like the chili flakes on it

蔬菜手卷 (RM5):
Vegetable handroll (RM5):

绿茶 (RM3/一个位):
Green tea (RM3/pax):
either hot or cold with free refill

我们四个吃了 RM104.50 都觉得很不值得
RM104.50 for four of us which is not worth it at all ~
if the food is good we do not mind to pay at this price
however i must say that the waiters are very helpful and friendly but the quality of food has yet to be improved

Yo! Sushi
Lot 1.18A 01 Level 1
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2148 8588


Big Boys Oven said...

Wah so really that bad huh!!! SOLUTION!!!!1 I suggest you make a complaint to the proprietor of Yo! Sushi, Ms Farah Khan the owner of Dome and a few branded boutiques!!! I guess they need time to adjust.... by the way the Mdm Kwan next door seems rather full house and you can see mdm Kwan cooking on the lcd tv screen!

Bento Pet said...

From what I've been told by the staff of Dome, if you complain please find a way to complain directly to the head office because if you fill negative comments in their comment card they just throw away your card!

The food didn't look appetizing either!

One thing though, you can't compare authentic Japanese mochi with Kum Loon Tai mochi because the quality is definitely not the same.

Thanks for the post, at least we know which Japanese spot to avoid at Pavilion.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

hmm when i read a previous review, the food sounded ok..well fret not, let me point you to the correct japanese restaurant to go in pavilion!..haha will see when i got time lar..just went on saturday

boo_licious said...

U shld have gone to Kampachi which just opened at 1pm on Sat. Guess that is the one Joe is talking abt.

ai wei said...

gosh! Rm 10 for 2 salmon maki? and the don dun really look nice either. sounds like it is not so worth it~

Precious Pea said...

Thanks for the tips! I wouldn't want to travel all the way to Pavilion and ended up at the wrong eatery. ;)

~Christine~Leng said...

I passed by this outlet yesterday while loitering around. Even thought of going for a meal next time! Perhaps I'll be backing off for a while. yea and Mdm Kwan looks full.

ling239 said...

Big Boys Oven:
lazy to do all these complaining stuff ler... :p
Mdm Kwan was packed too while i was there so din want to spend time queuing ~ furthermore there are so many Mdm Kwan else where dun have to eat at Pavilion ^_^

Bento Pet:
i know what u meant...
i dun find it fantastic either ~ XD

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
well, dun make me wait till the cow comes home ~ :p

we saw Kampachi but the queue is long too ~ then we went to Ochacha but not many cakes where on display and it was kinda empty therefore nobody support me to eat there so de-tour lor ~

ai wei:
yalor by the look of the chirashi don already no mood to eat lar :'(

Precious Pea:
maybe avoid that place for the time being until then ~ ^_^

go try out other eateries at Pavilion before u go to this one, hopefully by that time they have improved ^_^

Jun said...

whoa! why suddenly so many jap places in kl one?? good good when i'm back i know whr to go (or dun go) haha...

ling239 said...

come Dec i bet more makan places to visit ~ hahahaaa ^_^

wenching & esiong said...

Yeah, agree with you that the food is quite expensive there. Most prob not going to try out this place. Yeah, and Kampachi is good. Should visit there instead! :)

babe_kl said...

not surprised wid the price when a place is under melium group. ling you shld complain. go google for melium site and submit yr comments there

Anonymous said...

so many complain for yo sushi !!!!
you can't compare with a dinning and a fast food restaurent woh....
totally different concept restaurent

ling239 said...

babe_kl :
me lazy lar... @_@

maybe u should try the chirashi don at Yo! Sushi and then try the one at Sushi Zen... and let me know ur comment ~ ^_^