Monday, September 28, 2009

Eat N' Run @ Tropicana City Mall

RM8.90 的套餐 @ Eat N' Run
多加 RM1 就可以选一杯 Nestle 的饮料
The Eat N' Run Meal @ RM8.90
add RM1 for a choice of Nestle drink

我们觉得这套餐还蛮有趣的 ~
然后选一种酱料 一共有六种供选择包括黑胡椒, 蘑菇, Eat N' Run 特配酱料, 蛋黄酱等等
最后再选一样配菜 配菜只有三种选择: 炒蛋烘烤豆, 凉拌卷心菜或是蔬菜沙拉
We find the Eat n' Run meal pretty interesting ~
first you choose deep fried chicken or fish
and then choose a type of sauce from the 6 choices provided which includes black pepper, mushrooms, Eat N' Run special sauce, mayonnaise etc
finally a choice of side dishes of either egg with baked beans, coleslaw or veggie salad which is sourish

All of us choose the iced lemon tea:

白米饭的份量超大的!! Photobucket
This is deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce and veggie salad:
the rice portion is so huge!!
while the salad portion is kinda sad...
the rice and sauce is served hotter than the deep fried chicken

炸鱼块很香脆 可惜不够热
Deep fried fish fillet with mayonnaise and egg with bake beans:
the fish fillet is very crispy but not served hot...
and a little bif of the egg with bake beans

炸鸡不错吃 蘑菇酱也很美味
Deep fried chicken with mushroom sauce and egg with bake beans:
the chicken is quite tasty with the flavoursome mushroom sauce
if only we can exchange the rice for more side dish ~ Photobucket

Eat N' Run
LG 25 Lower Ground Floor
Tropicana City Mall

Tel: 03 7729 2297


Akira 思胜 said...

Eat and run? 招牌好有趣呢!

Simon Seow said...

Can I eat and run without paying ? :P

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
快餐的意思吧 ~ ^_^

Simon :
you go try and let me know hahahaaa... :p

mimid3vils said...

fast food chain? Origin from which country ar?

Anonymous said...

My friends and I have tried many times and all we can say is the food is good and value for money... go ahead and treat yourselves and you won't be disappointed.