Monday, November 26, 2007

Black Canyon Coffee (3)

好几次我经过这里都看到很多人在用餐 ~Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It has been a while since i last visited this place...
and i notice it is gaining popularity as for several times that i had passed by this place, it is always quite packed ~

热卡布其诺 (RM6.95):
Hot Cappuccino (RM6.95):

冰茶 (RM4):
Iced Tea (RM4):

鸡块和虾炒饭 (RM10.90):
只是料很少就几块鸡肉和两只虾而已... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Chicken & Prawn Fried Rice (RM10.90):
very similar to nasi pattaya where the fried rice is wrapped in a omelette
the rice is fried with tomato sauce/paste
but only a few pieces of chicken and two prawns...

意粉东炎虾 (RM9.90):
Fettucini Prawn Tom Yam (RM9.90):
a mix of Thai and Italian ?
the tom yam is tasty while the prawns are very fresh...

炸鱼片和薯条 (RM15.90):
还是比较喜欢 Fish & Co
Fish & Chips (RM15.90):
nothing to shout about but love the salad in tomato basket...
still prefer those served at Fish & Co

牛扒 (RM25.90):
Steak (RM25.90):
something very normal
funny that this is served with toast...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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ai wei said...

the price of da cappuccino is 6.95 or 9.95? it comes with finger crackers. sounds nice.

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥ said...

Fettucini Prawn Tom Yam looks nice! you know i went to thai but never try their tom yam kung~ hehe... wasted!

Nic (KHKL) said...

fried rice looks good...if only more ingredients were added, it'll be even better..

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

aiyoh i still havent gone to centrepoint lar..hahaha..

Big Boys Oven said...

the food looks nice....hmmm....boleh tahan jugak.

MeiyeN said...

been wanting to try black canyon for so long now... must butt off soon, good looks good!

yammylicious said...

woah look at the way the wrap the fried rice!! haha!! the egg skin is real thin~

~Christine~Leng said...

Fettucini Prawn Tom Yam? something special.. hmm.. I'll take note! thx ;P

Jun said...

did the biscuits come with the cappuccino?

Big Boys Oven said...

Hi Ling239, wanna meet up for food tasting this thursday night, get in touch with me asap!

ling239 said...

ai wei :
sorry it is RM6.95
comes with the chinese tea and biscuit ^_^

♥ ♡ Alvin ♡ ♥:
why all the way there and din try leh ? >.<"

Nic :
with more ingredients this will be perfect !! ^_^

"Joe" who is constantly craving:
for your first trip i think u have to stay one whole day there... hahahaaa ~ :D

Big Boys Oven:
many more to try lar... ^_^

MeiyeN :
i will wait for your review then... ^_^

yammylicious :
if only they put in more chicken and prawn...

east meets west ? :p

yes, the biscuit and chinese tea come with the cappucino ~ ^_^