Thursday, July 28, 2011

客家人饭店 ~ Hakka Rang Restaurant @ Kota Damansara

Dinner @ Hakka Rang Restaurant


客家盐鸡 (RM16.80):
Hakka Rang Salted Chicken (RM16.80):
Free range chicken is being used
we find it not salty enough...

家乡蒸石班鱼 (RM33.80):
不会遮盖了鱼的鲜味 Photobucket
Steamed Grouper fish with homemade sauce (RM33.80):
the homemade sauce is very tasty and yet we can still taste the freshness of the fish

老黄瓜汤 (RM2.80):
Old Cucumber soup (RM2.80):

清炒奶白 (RM11.80):
这是大份的 小份的RM9.80
Vegetable (RM11.80):
this is the large portion, for small portion it is RM9.80

白米饭 (RM1.50/碗)
Rice - RM1.50/bowl

名片/Business card:


Eat Only Lar! said...

How was the food overall? Was it good? The fish and the old cucumber soup looked good, home cooked food, miss them a lot!

Albie Reo said...

Miaaam ! It seems to be delicious !

Luisa Moving said...

What a rich and delicious menu, I find it absolutely irresistible! Hope that my lunch will be at least half good as the nice suggestions here!

Debora Home said...

All the dishes look pretty delicious.I should try this place!