Thursday, July 7, 2011

日出茶太 ~ Chatime @ SSTwo Mall

在炎热的下午 队排得更长...
Super pack especially during hot afternoon...

top 5 recommendations

other than various toppings, they also offer sugar and ice option which is pretty cool:

每一杯都有标签注明时间, 订单#, 口味和价钱
抹茶红豆冰沙 (R-RM5.90) - 这个要喝完才吃到那红豆 因为都浮在冰上
台北日出珍奶 (R-RM5.90) - 这个招牌的最好喝 茶味清香 珍珠都QQ的
芒果冰沙 (R-RM4.90) - 这个人非天然芒果口味的超甜
from left to right:
all labelled with time made, order#, flavour and price
Japanese Matcha Red Bean Smoothie (R-RM5.90) - we only get to taste the red bean when the drink is almost finished as the red beans were 'floating' on the smoothie
Pearl Milk Tea (R-RM5.90) - this is the signature, with refreshing tea fragrant and chewy pearls
Mango Smoothie (R-RM4.90) - this artificial flavoured one is super sweet

G-K9 Ground Floor
SSTwo Mall
Jalan SS2/72
47400 Petaling Jaya


boo_licious said...

it's not as packed as the other outlets so I'm pretty happy to visit this one.

Eat Only Lar! said...

I've only tried their bubble tea once but I was so in love with it, I was at the Pavilion outlet and it was so packed. Would want to have it again when I'm back in KL!

By the way, I'm Wen Ching from Sugar Bean. I've moved my blog to Can you please update the link? Thank you! =)

Vincent Cho said...

我特别喜爱他们的Glass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea :)

CUMI & CIKI said...

love chatime!!

Anonymous said...

Mango Smoothie is my absolute favorite. Love to get me one in the hot days!


Nymphadora said...

Of all the flavours available, I always go for fresh milk with jelly grass.