Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vineria IT @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

在 BSC Vineria IT 的晚餐
Dinner @ Vineria IT, BSC

Starter on the house:
bread served with vinegar in olive oil

Zuppa Di Pesce (RM24):
蕃茄汤底的海鲜汤 味道不会太浓
Tomato based seafood soup
light and tasty with croutons

Al Fritto Di Mare (RM36):
炸过的乌贼增加了不同的口感 很特别的配搭
Pizza with deep fried calamari and prawns
we find it quite a good combination as the deep fried calamari give a different texture to the bite compared to the non-fried calamari
love the thin and crispy pizza crust too...

Pasta Special (RM58):
白酒调味的扁长意粉和四只大虾 份量足够两个人分享
虾只很新鲜肉质富有弹性 意粉则煮得刚好有少许的嚼劲
fettucini in white wine sauce served with 4 very large prawns
portion is kinda big and it is good enough for 2 person
the prawns are fresh and succulent while the pasta is well done with a little chew

名片/Business card:

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