Thursday, March 10, 2011

乡村槽鸡饭店 ~ Restaurant Village Chicken @ SS2

Dinner @ Village Chicken

清炒蕃薯叶/Stir-fried Veggie (RM15):

槽鸡 (RM70):
鸡肉很嫩滑好吃 Photobucket
Village Chicken (RM70):
a very big chicken!
served with oyster sauce
the chicken is smooth, tender and tasty

a flavoursome chili sause to add flavour to the chicken:

酿鱼 (RM35):
先把鱼起肉去骨 搅成鱼滑再酿在鱼皮里 再拿去炸
Stuffed Fish with Fish Paste (RM35):
this dish requires lots of work
first must separate the fish skin with the meat
then the meat is deboned, made into fish paste before stuffing it back into the fish skin
then deep fried...

有香脆的鱼皮 却不必担心啃到鱼骨头...
crispy fish skin with yummy boneless fish paste... Photobucket

白米饭 (RM1.50/碗) - 可以选择油饭或是白饭
Rice - RM1.50/bowl - with an option of oil rice or white rice

名片/Business card:


choi yen said...

why the chicken so expensive ? O.O

babe_kl said...

yalor so ex the chicken but i've paid more than RM100 for yim kai

ling239 said...

choi yen:
because it is village chicken, and it is huge! =)

babe_kl :
depends on the size right ? ^^