Monday, October 11, 2010

大头虾鱼港 ~ Uncle Prawn Restaurant @ Sunway Giza

位于 Kota Damansara 的 Sunway Giza
Sunway Giza is located at Kota Damansara Photobucket

there are many restaurant, cafe and pub
this time around we decided to dine at this restaurant...


大头虾滑蛋生面 (RM25):
虾也蛮大只的 很新鲜
我们怀疑虾是事先烫过的 就算把蛋汁淋在虾上 虾肉还是有点干
Fried Egg Noodle with River Prawn in Creamy Egg Sauce (RM25):
looks good and tastes good too
the fresh water prawn is of decent size and very fresh
but we suspect the prawn is lightly boiled in advance
the flesh is dry even when it is covered with all the egg sauce

月亮老鼠粉 (RM11.80):
一送到的时候只看了那么一眼 就被招待员给搅拌了
这老鼠粉味道不错 也很香 不会太油腻
Claypot Lo She Fun with Egg (RM11.80):
served with a raw egg
the moment it arrives the wait staff will stir the egg in
the noodle is tasty and smooth smells really good too
it is also not too oily...

陈年绍兴酒蛋白蒸大头虾 (RM25):
虾蒸得过熟 有点干 有点老
蛋白吸收了酒和虾的鲜味 香滑美味
Steamed River Prawn with Rare Old Chinese Wine (RM25):
the prawn is over cooked as the flesh is kinda tough and dry
while the egg while is delicious with the taste of chinese wine and the freshness of the prawn ~

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babe_kl said...

hmmms seems like got mixed reviews on this place, maybe worth to check out

kungfudonut said...

you have a very nice blog

ling239 said...

babe_kl :
will wait for your review ~ ^^

kungfudonut :
thanks for ur support =)

StrawberrY Gal said...

Wah ... the food looks yummy.. must find a day to try

sueki said...

halo~你的部落很不错哦~在这里找到了不少美食指南~请问可以加你fb吗?希望可以看到你update blog的消息~~^^