Wednesday, October 6, 2010

日升餐室 ~ Restoran Sunrise @ SEA Park

我们必须在中午十二点到达 Photobucket
要不然不是找不到停车位 就是等不到桌子
Not our first visit here...
business is still very good
we have to be there by 12noon otherwise it is either we cant get a parking lot or we cant get a table

Soup of the day:

玻璃生菜 (RM7):
中型的 够我们四个吃
Vegetable (RM7):
a medium portion just nice for four of us

烧鸭 (RM25/半只):
加皮... 我可是第一次听到哦! Photobucket
如果你喜欢吃烧鸭皮的 下次记得咯...
这里的烧鸭还是很够味又多汁 好好吃! Photobucket
Roast Duck (RM25 for half a duck):
with extra skin... this is new to me! Photobucket
i din know that we can actually asked for extra skin
so for those of u who enjoy the skin remember to ask for it!
no idea if it comes with extra charge though
the roast duck is succulent and delicious..........

白米饭 - RM1/碗或碟
凉茶 - RM1.20/杯
Rice RM1/plate or bowl
Herbal tea RM1.20/glass

名片/Business card:


Akira 思胜 said...

呵呵, 还有得加皮的哦? 好好吃! XD

RatsRunThisTown said...

That food looks so nice! I'm so hungry now

Precious Pea said...

I didn't know that u can ask for extra skin too. In fact, would they entertain if i only want a plate of skin? Slurps.

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
我也是才知道的 ^^

RatsRunThisTown :
go try it then =)

Precious Pea :
me too!!
hahahahaaaaa when u r back, remember to try that out :p