Sunday, May 23, 2010

又一城 ~ Yau Yat Seng @ 3 Two Square

位于 3 Two Square
除了饭面之外还有小吃, 咖啡, 奶茶和各式冰沙饮料...
Located at 3 Two Square
A Hong Kong style cafe serving rice and noodles dishes, snack, milk tea, coffee and ice blended drinks...

they do not serve any set meals
service is pretty slow as there are only two wait-staff serving the entire cafe during lunch hour
we waited for almost 30minutes for our food & drinks to arrive

又一城奶茶 热/冷 (RM2.95):
Yau Yat Seng Milk Tea hot/cold (RM2.95):
not too bad but at the same time nothing to shout about

干捞咖哩全蛋面 (RM10.95):
碗太大了... 还是小碗不够用
配料只有一片腐竹, 一块咖哩鸡和豆芽
干捞的全蛋面很咸 只有面粉的味道
我不习惯吃有点凉的咖哩鸡... Photobucket
Curry Chicken Egg Noodles (RM10.95):
the bowl is way too big for the contents.... or they ran out of smaller bowls
served with one fu-chok, one piece of curry chicken and some bean sprouts
which can all fit pretty well in the soup bowl next to it
the egg noodle is very salty and floury
i feel like chewing strips of flour...
and the chicken is way too cold for my liking

宫保鸡丁大碗菜饭 (RM9.95):
这饭就不错 虽然不是热腾腾的
份量比较公道 宫保鸡丁也很够味
Kung Po Chicken Corn Rice (RM9.95):
this rice dish is pretty good even thought it is not pipping hot
portion is reasonable and the kung po chicken flavoursome

法兰西炒饭 (RM8.95):
份量很大 比较湿了点
French Fried Rice (RM8.95):
portion is very big
however we find it too wet and lack the taste of tomato

名片/Business card:


Sandy said...

Thank you for the good song shared too. more please :) thanks.

Akira 思胜 said...

在槟城, 这家餐厅是被我们列入黑名单里头了...

Bangsar-bAbE said...

Sounds like a disappointing meal.... >.<

ling239 said...

Sandy :
glad that u like them too...^_^

Akira 思胜 :

Bangsar-bAbE :
hopefully they will improve on that ~ =)

Sandy said...

Ling, i would like to share you a nice song too, you may find it in YouTube. Paul Freeman - Tightrope. let me know if you like it... i am in deep into it. hehehe

ling239 said...

Sandy :
tks! =)
that is a very nice song with meaningful lyrics too ~ ^_^