Wednesday, December 9, 2009

KimchiHaru @ Jaya One

在 KimchiHaru 吃的午餐
招待员竟然摆个黑脸 Photobucket
Our lunch @ KimchiHaru
not a frienly restaurant
when we cant recognised the food served belongs to who the wait-staff shown us black face Photobucket


Part of the banchan:
only two types in two small bowls
there are seven of us but only two sets of these are served
and no refill...

四样小小份的 不可添加
More tiny portion of banchan served with the meal:
four types also no refill...
but at least each one of us get a set of these

JabchaeBokum-bab (RM13.50):
用蔴油调味 配前菜
Refreshing Korean glass noodle with thinly sliced marinated pork and assorted vegetables seasoned with sesame oil, pan fried with rice, served with banchan

rather plain fried rice and a little too wet for our liking:

Bul-gokiBibim-bab (RM17):
除了牛肉还有各式蔬菜, 一个煎蛋和韩式辣椒酱
JG 直喊吃得不过瘾
Rich portion of Bul-goki (beef) and well preserved vegetables mixed with rice, served in hot stone bowl topped with fried egg and Korean chili paste, served with banchan
colorful looking but portion of sliced beef is pathetic
JG is totally unhappy about this

Gochu-jangPorkBul-goki (RM17.80):
Thin slices of prime cut of port, marinated in traditional Korean chili paste with nourishing vegetables, served with rice and banchan

很辣也很够味 好好吃!
i am satisfied with this:
the portion of pork is generous and it is spicy and flavoursome... nice

Gochu-jangJigae (RM15):
Savoury chili paste broth boiled with pork belly, served with rice and banchan

蔬菜就很多... 味道还不错 蛮辣的
the pork slices are too little and too small
there are lots of vegetables instead...
tasted quite okay quite spicy

Dwen-jangJigae (RM15):
A traditional Korean flavour, rich miso broth boiled with wholesome fresh seafood, served with rice and banchan

几粒蛤蜊 几片乌贼
a few clams and some pieces of squid only
while the tofu (beancurd) is kinda tough
the soup is a little too salty:

Bibim-bab (RM15):
Generous layers of well preserved and fresh crisp vegetables mixed with rice, served in a hot stone bowl topped with fried egg and Korean chili paste
a simple well balanced meal served with banchan

a simple meal which cant go wrong
we find this acceptable:

SeafoodPa-jeon (RM11)
份量超小的 没看到海鲜
也没什么味道 好像吃煎面粉饼
A delicate savory crisp pancake filled with fresh juicy seafood topped with spring onions
portion is very very small
and taste like eating fried flour cake

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Akira 思胜 said...

那天我经过, 本来要吃的, 不过没有BBQ, 就做罢咯...

Shell (貝殼) said...


ai wei said...

i tot of paying a visit here. but non refills banchan and so so food and unfriendly services? @@

Sandy said...

HI, i had been there for two times, my both experiences are good. The waiter is fine. So sorry for the experience you have. I like the fried "nian gao" at that place. Others like kimchi, i think "Da Chang Jin" is better.

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
这里是没烧烤的 ~

Shell (貝殼) :
小得有点过份! >.<"

ai wei :
my first experience of non refillable banchan at a Korean restaurant...

Sandy :
Dae Jang Gum is good!!
Korea House in SS2 also better than this one ~

Tracy said...

Be careful when consuming the free salad. I went to KimchiHaru two nights ago and since that night, I've been suffering such bad food poisoning that I'm now having to run to the bathroom at 15-minute intervals and my stomach is churning all day - this is after a whole day of medication. When I initially ate the salad, the dressing tasted a little off but I assumed it was the way it was supposed to taste. Even had a second round of salad (because food was so bland). And now I'm still paying for it because my doctor's fees so far have exceeded what I paid at the restaurant! The food at KimchiHaru wasn't even good - you'll get far better Korean food from Dae Jang Gum in Section 14, PJ, which is run by a Korean couple. And I can tell you that I've NEVER gotten sick after dining at Dae Jang Gum!