Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village

位于 Bangsar Village 的地下层
有点隐密的角落 却是个公开的秘密
因为我们发觉还蛮多人的 ~
Located at lower ground floor of Bangsar Village
at a hidden corner... but not a hidden secret
as we notice this place is quite crowded ~

The unique wall light:


蛤蜊汤 (RM15):
再加上烟肉碎(牛肉), 洋葱和蛤蜊
非常美味的汤! Photobucket
Manhattan Clam Chowder (RM15):
Fresh tomato soup richly flavoured with beef bacon, onion & clams
this is very good!
the flavour is intense...
there are lots and lots of clams in it too

经典鸡肉汉堡包 (RM23):
Classic Chicken Burger (RM23):
Juicy grilled chicken with all the trimmings & a great set of buns, but not a breast in sight

thick and juicy... yummy!!

全日早餐汉堡包 (RM24):
100公克的牛肉汉堡 配上烟肉, 煎蛋, 烤蕃茄, 蘑菇和烘烤豆
我所喜爱的早餐食物组成的汉堡包 再加上炸薯条
All Day Breakfast Burger (RM24):
Juicy 100g beef patty with bacon & fried egg on English muffin with a side of grilled tomato, mushroom & baked beans
everything i want for a breakfast in a burger served with lots of fries
while the baked beans are served in a small cup

牛肉汉堡上有个煎蛋, 两片烟肉(牛肉)和蘑菇片:
煎蛋其实是半熟的 蛋黄还水水的那种
a fried egg, lots of mushroom and two slices of beef bacon on top of the juicy patty:
supposed to be sunny side up
but as usual i have requested for the egg to be well done...

not as thick as the chicken patty but still delicious:
a very satisfying burger Photobucket

红色天鹅绒蛋糕 (RM12):
有点湿 不会太甜 有个很特别的香味
Red Valvet Cake (RM12):
very big slice of cake...
it is a little moist and yet not too sweet
taste good too ~

名片/Name card:


Akira 思胜 said...

看来这家真的是个不为人知的地方哦! 我还没去过Bangsar Village呢...

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I'm spying the all day breakfast burger. Looks massively yummy! >P

CUMI & CIKI said...


Tarts and Pies said...

The velvet cake looks very appealing... how does it taste anyway?

mimid3vils said...

the burger set definitely can feed me up, I like heavy breakfast!!!

Nic (KHKL) said...

check out the hummingbird cake next time. i think it's one of the best cakes i've eaten. ;D the lemon cake also good. havent tried the peanut butter tart though. i heard it's good. ;D

worldwindows said...

The fresh tomato soup is thick with ingredients and lots of herbs. My firm favourite.

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :

Bangsar-bAbE :
if you love breakfast, u will love this! ^O^

yes, yes! ^_^

Tarts and Pies :
butter cake type texture with a hint of fragrance....

mimid3vils :
haha... me too! ^_^

Nic (KHKL) :
sure, i will keep tat in mind, tks! ^_^

worldwindows :
yes, we love it too ~ ^_^