Thursday, June 4, 2009

为食鸡饭店 ~ Restaurant Tasty Chicken Rice

Kota Damansara 的为食鸡饭店 ~ Photobucket
Restaurant Tasty Chicken Rice @ Kota Damansara

价钱表/Price list on display:

薏米水和菊花茶 RM1.50/杯
Drinks RM1.50 each:
Barley and chrysanthemum tea

小的 RM1, 大的 RM1.50
option of oil rice or white rice
Small RM1, Big RM1.50

这辣椒酱不错/this chili sauce is tasty:

叉烧 (RM5):
Char Siew (RM5):
flavoursome but a litte tough and won't melt in the mouth

The poarched and roast chicken which was accidentally sent to our table:

烧鸡 (RM18/半只):
不是脆皮的 淋了很多酱料
我觉得鸡肉有点硬 尤其是鸡胸肉
Roast Chicken (RM18 for half a bird):
with lots of gravy so the chicken skin is not crispy
i find that the meat is also on the tough side especially the chicken breast

名片/Name card:


Bangsar-bAbE said...

The problem with roast chicken is the meat gets dried up very fast, especially the breast meat. The chili sauce looks thick and nice though!

Sugar Bean said...

So it's not that good overall?

Guess the poarched and roast chicken came wrongly to let you to take a photo of it. ^^

CUMI & CIKI said...

hmmm, now u make me wanna hv roast chick for lunch!

Simon Seow said...

I tried this before not bad. Already about 3 years ago, I was at a customer's place in Kota Damansara ans was introduced to this chicken rice.

foongpc said...

Hi, first time commenting here. Was searching for Steam King restaurant and found your blog on Google search.

Have never tried this chicken rice. But after your reviews, don't really look forward to try them! : )

ling239 said...

Bangsar-bAbE :
the chicken tasted very much better with the chili sauce! ^_^

Sugar Bean :
hahahaaaa... possibly ~ ^O^

hahahaaaa... and u r going to which one ?

Simon :
but i find it so-so only :p

foongpc :
a fren told me the braised chicken feet at this place is very good, maybe u would like to try that ? ^_^

Anonymous said...

Tasty Chicken Rice now sells curry puff as well.

ling239 said...

Anonymous :
really ? is it good?