Thursday, June 18, 2009

锦盛西饼屋 の 榴槤千層蛋糕 ~ Durian Layer @ Golden Bake

现在锦盛西饼屋推出了榴槤千層蛋糕 !!
We have heard and had so much Pandan Layer Cake
Now durian flavour layer cake is available at Golden Bake!! Photobucket

i bought half a cake to try ~

榴槤千層蛋糕 (RM27):
我要求店主把它切成小块 比较方便吃
Durian Layer (RM27):
i have requested it to be cut into small slices

不会太甜 冷冻的时候最好吃!! Photobucket
the texture is soft and fluffy:
full of durian aroma
it is not too sweet and best eaten when chilled... yummy!!

同样大小的班兰千層蛋糕才 RM20
they also sell this in slices at RM2.70/slice
It is slightly more expensive than the pandan layer which is priced at RM20 for the same size
but it is worth the price!!

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馋鬼 said...


歪歪 said...



Akira 思胜 said...

I dont like durian... :p

Nic (KHKL) said...

looks good. just like a pandan layer cake but with durian. too bad i dont take, hafta wait for another flavour d...

Sugar Bean said...

Aiks, something that I definitely can't find in the UK. Miss any sort of dessert made by durian.

So smart of you to request them to cut them into small slices. Would love to try them out!

mimid3vils said... those durian filling~~ can't tahan liao!!!

Jun said...

gosh, i miss the layer cakes at golden bake! the last time i had them was like in primary school LOL!

ling239 said...

馋鬼 :
可是很够味 ^_^

歪歪 :

Akira 思胜 :
u go try the pandan flavour then ~ ^_^

Nic :
nvm, other than pandan, u still have the options of yam and corn ~ ^_^

Sugar Bean :
hahahaaaa... because i cant cut it into small slices as nice as they do :p

mimid3vils :
no durian filling wor, just layers of it...^_^

Jun ah Jun :
That is very very long time ago d leh... now ah Jun is big girl d ^_^

babe_kl said...

we loved the pandan and yam layer cake here. never knew they hv durian one, must try oredi!

ling239 said...

babe_kl :
they also have corn flavour... ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Interesting. Will try it out.