Monday, March 2, 2009

春迎茶室: 鸡饭 ~ Chicken Rice at Restoran Choon Yien (2)

我们终于打电话来预订烧肉了 ~ Photobucket
这里的烧肉实在太受欢迎了 没预订就吃不到咯!
We finally took the effort and call in advance for the roast pork ~
unless you arrive at the shop before 12noon...
the roast pork here is so popular that without reservation there will not be any available!

酸菜/Sour veggie:
用芥菜加烧鸡骨, 亚叁片和辣椒干煮的
可惜这一碗不够酸 吃得不过瘾
mustard plant (a.k.a. kai choi in Cantonese) cooked with roast chicken bones, asam slices and dried chili
this is a very appetising spicy and sour dish
unfortunately we find this lack of the flavour so no "kick"

烧鸡/Roast chicken:
served steaming hot!!
the chicken is smooth and juicy...

烧肉/Roast pork:
超脆的皮!! 就好像咬薄脆饼干的感觉
肉美味又多汁的 可惜对有些朋友来说比较肥了点...
with super cripsy skin!! just like biting into a piece of cracker Photobucket
the meat is succulent and tasty but too fatty for some...

香喷喷的油饭/Fragrant oil rice:
can also request for plain white rice....

四个位: 两人份的烧鸡, 两条烧肉, 酸菜和四碟油饭 = RM45
Four of us had: roast chicken for two, two strips of roast pork, sour veggie + four rice = RM45

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春迎茶室: 鸡饭 ~ Chicken Rice at Restoran Choon Yien


Akira 思胜 said...

RM45? 好贵也...

十六夜真人 said...


Nic (KHKL) said...

i dont want anything else...give me the 酸菜!!! haha...u know, sometimes, when u are lucky, you get a drumstick in it too! yum! ;)

worldwindows said...

The roast pork looks super duper with the many layers of fat!

mimid3vils said...

i attracted by the oil rice actually, haha XD

ling239 said...

Akira 思胜 :
哈哈...下次你去试试咯 ^_^

十六夜真人 :
一个人要 RM11+...:P

Nic :
i know what u mean... but i prefer to find roast pork bones in it! ^O^

worldwindows :
hahahaaaa... unhealthy but delicious!! ^_^

mimid3vils :
it is very nice ~ ^_^

Simon Seow said...

Where exactly is this place in Section 17? The pasar? Happy Mansion? or Near the Seremban Beef noodle place?

ling239 said...

Simon :
Happy Mansion.. the first corner u see before u turn to back to My Elephant ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...