Friday, November 23, 2012

冬の恋人 Winter Lover @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

位于OCBC后面的店铺 一间很可爱的甜品店
A lovely cafe located behind the row of shoplots behind OCBC Bank  

They specialise in Mille crêpe and Macarons
there are at least 18 flavors of Mille crêpe and 10 flavors of Macarons
we are spoilt by choice....

Mille crêpe @ Winter Lover (RM9.90/pc):
饼皮都薄薄的  而且层层分明
口感不错 味道也不会太浓郁
The crêpes are done thinly with clear layering
They are smooth and tasty while the flavors are just nice not too overpowering

北海道牛奶千層蛋糕/Hokkaido Milk Mille crêpe :

草莓千層蛋糕/Strawberry Mille crêpe :

摩卡千層蛋糕/Mocha Mille crêpe:

绿茶红豆千層蛋糕/Matcha Azuki Mille crêpe :

名片/Business card:


Akira 思胜 said...

哇,我很想吃Hokkaido Cake咯!看到都流口水啊!

墮天使祥 said...


edina monsoon said...

I love crepe cakes. The one I've tasted at Austin chase the gardens is pretty darn good. Thanks for sharing this post!!