Monday, July 16, 2012

Wallop Pork Burger @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

位于SS2 Kayu 后面, 和朝阳同一排的店铺
Mama Wallop - 一个猪肉饼
Papa Wallop - 两个猪肉饼
Sergeant Wallop - 三个猪肉饼
Located at SS2 same row as Chow Yang, the row of shops behind Kayu
Basically there are 3 different categories of pork burgers:
Mama Wallop - one pork patty
Papa Wallop - two pork patties
Sergeant Wallop - three pork patties


Mama Wallop (RM6):
一个猪肉饼 、生菜、番茄、黄瓜、奶酪和蛋黄酱
面包超级鬆软 猪肉饼又嫩又多汁 好好吃!
single pork patty with lecttuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese and mayonnaise
the bun is super soft while the pork patty is tender and juicy, yummy!

125, Jalan SS2/6
47300 Petaling Jaya


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I tried it yesterday and must admit it was awesome.You should try it!

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Check out Oinky Pork Burger in SS15/4B. Thick and flavourful an economy price