Monday, May 23, 2011

ben's @ KLCC

在城中城 ben's 的晚餐 ~
Dinner @ ben's, KLCC

蘑菇汤 (RM11.90):
配上松露油... 和这汤还蛮匹配的
Mushroom Soup (RM11.90):
with truffle oil... which goes very well with the soup

椰浆饭 (RM23.90):
配上冷当鸡, 香脆炸鱼饼, 叁巴, 鸡蛋和炸鲥鱼
份量蛮大的 ~
Nasi Lemak (RM23.90):
the rice is fluffy and fragrant...
served with rendang chicken, fish crackers, sambal, egg and deep fried anchovies
portion is kinda big too ~

软壳蟹意粉 (RM21.90):
香炸软壳蟹是一整大只... 肉肉的 很好吃!!
Soft Shell Crab Pasta (RM21.90):
spaghetti in cream sause with a hint of curry powder served with one whole deep fried soft shell crab!
i find this sauce kinsda unique and it goes very well with the pasta
while the soft shell crab is meaty and delicious...yummy!! Photobucket

ben's Chocolate Cake (RM10.90):
超湿的巧克力蛋糕 配香草雪糕
太好吃了!! Photobucket
super moist chocolate cake serves with a scoop of vanila ice cream
this is delicious!!

Cappuccino (RM6.90):
love the coffee art... Photobucket

Lot 140 First Floor
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603 2163 1655


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its becoming one of our fave makan place :p

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You sure do know what youre talking about. Man, this blog is just great! I cant wait to read more of what youve got to say. Im really happy that I came across this when I did because I was really starting to get bored with the whole blogging scene. Youve turned me around, man! Vimax

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I like the coffee...Yummy!!

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